Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stringybark Farm - Block 4

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Henry! He is our lovely block 4 in the Stringybark Farm BOM.

Henry is a wee bit shy, and likes to keep to himself. He can usually be found standing under his apple tree at the top of the paddock. He is getting on in age now, and likes his peace and quiet, though he is more than happy to help Farmer Jack in any way possible. Just don't ask him to spend time with the chickens - he can't stand them and all their noise and fuss! He enjoys spending time with Bill the Scarecrow, and they have quiet chats about the farm and life in general.

Henry is a happy sort of chap, and likes his simple life, especially the leftover homemade bread that Betty often brings him!

To create Henry the horse, and his shady apple tree, please click here for the instructions and pattern.

If you have missed the first blocks, please click the relevant links below.

Block 1 - Rustys House
Block 2 - The Hen House
Block 3 - Scarecrow Bill

Also, please feel free to show or send me photos of your Stringybark Farm blocks! I would love to see them and share them on my blog.

I hope you like Henry and happy stitching!


Tozz said...

I love Henry :) another fabulous block Sam :)

miss~nance said...

Henry is gorgeous Sam. Well done.


Loralynn said...

He's so cute! Thanks for sharing him!

Dawn said...

Oh Sam well done on your delightful Stringy Bark farm blocks... I just love them and I think they will be a must... Are there going to be any Piggies?... my girls love piggies....
HUGS Dawn x