Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stringybark Farm - Block Two

Here it is!
Block 2 in my Block on the Month!

Welcome to The Hen House! Please, I would like to introduce you to Fred the Rooster, his two faithful hens Vera and Ginger, and their cute chicks. A farm is not a farm without a rooster and some hens, and Fred knows all too well that he is of utmost importence to Farmer Jack and Betty. Well, at least he thinks he is of utmost importence. He tends to take his role rather seriously, and insists that he is responsible for waking up the farm at 6am every morning. Even though he has a rather plump belly, he struts his way up to his favourite fence post, and lets out a loud, "Cock - a - doodle - dooooooooo!!" And not just at 6am either, but whenever he feels it is necessary, or basically whenever he wants to.... No one would dare hurt his feelings by telling him to be quiet.

Vera and Betty are firm friends, and are happy to put up with Freds obsurdities. They like nothing better than caring for their chicks and pecking for snails in the warm sunshine. They love their home on the farm, and overall, are very happy hens. Except when Rusty the dog thinks it's fun to chase them around the hen house of course. And don't get between them and their food... or their chicks! They are fiercely strong and protective mother hens, just as they should be!

To stitch "The Hen House," please go here for the instructions and pattern. The first block, "Rustys House," can also be found in the same place.

Have fun creating Fred, Vera and Ginger, and please show me your finished blocks! I would love to see them!


Karen's Korner said...

Another lovely block and story to go with it. Well done Sam. I love coming to visit your blog for inspiration.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a gorgeous block! I especially love those baby chicks :)

Terry said...

So cute! Thank you! :0)

Little Green Doll said...

Thank you! Very nice block!!the hens and chicks are adorable!

Kris said...

Lovely block! I love chickens!

SewAmy said...

I just love the chicks. I started my Rusty dog house today. so I am a little behind.

gail said...

Dear Missymack,

It never ceases to amaze me the generosity of lovely ladies like you.

I have copied your design and wish you every good wish as I stitch these for my little neice.

blessings Gail

Margot said...

Cute... cute... :)
thank you!

Janine said...

Thanks so much for the really cute blocks and the stories to go with them.

I am interested in using coloured pencils but I would want to be able to wash the quilt. Can anyone suggest a brand of pencil that is washable?

bingo~bonnie said...

did I miss blocks 3 or 4 of this...? I cant' find them anywhere..

HOpe you didn't change your mind about them as they are SOO cute!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie