Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I must have done something right...

Usually I never win anything. Period. Whatever competitions I enter, whether it be for holidays to Canada, or shopping trips, or new cars, I never win.
But you know, something must be changing! Last post I mentioned the cute tin and fat quarter I won from Gail. Well, blow me down, but I won something else from Gail! She was having a week of giveaways, and it seems I won two more fat quarters! Who needs a new car, when I just won some fat quarters!

A big thank you to Gail for running her giveaway! Go over and check out her blog, go on!

We have some Rustys and Freds to share with you! It seems Stringybark Farm is gaining some popularity which I am just thrilled with! Talk about a buzz when other people like your work and design!! So, please take some time to go and visit Beatrice and see her block 2, and then trot on over to Amy's blog and check out her block 1!

I have had some people asking about what sort of pencils to use for the BOM. I have been using the Derwent brand of pencil, however they are not waterproof. Since it is a small wall hanging, I won't ever be washing it. However, if you want your quilt to be waterproof, I recomend trying the Faber Castell Polychromos Artists Colour Pencils. They have soft waterproof wax leads, and are resistant to smudging. They have acid free, and light fast pigments too.

Or you could always try wax crayons. Simply use an old tea towel to cover your colouring in piece, and then a warm iron over the top. I'll do a tutorial in a few weeks which might be helpful for some.

Figured it was time for a Paper Bag Swap update! How are all you wonderful ladies going?? In just over 1 week and a half, all the items must be sent back to their owners! Gosh - it's snuck up quickly! So please ladies, make sure you send your item on time. I don't want to have to publically name anyone who doesn't complete the swap, but I will!

Without giving too much away (I hope!) here are some progress photos of my swap item.
I bet Maree is thinking, "Now what is she up to...."


Béa said...

Oh ! very lucky Sam!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for another brand of pencils...just in time before I buy Derwent......I think it was waterproof!!!!!!!! And thank you for future tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what you're up to?! ;) Of course I'm curious!! Are you?

SewAmy said...

thank you for mentioning my block. :o) I love looking at every body elses blocks too.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Nice fabrics there, will be interesting to see what you do with them. Off to check out Gail's blog now.

Chookyblue...... said...

can't wait to see what you girls have made for each other......

miss~nance said...

I have to say Sam I wsa smiling when Haylee drew your name out. I postd them on Friday.

I am running a little late with my PB swap, have snet you and Allison an email.