Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well December has just flown by.
Talk about an extremely busy month.

Anyway, just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful, happy and blessed Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely season with your family, friends and loved ones - and stay safe on the roads!
I have lots of exciting things to share with you, but it will have to wait till I have some spare time in the new year unfortunately. I'm sure you are all just as busy as I am!

Till then, check out this spunky little pony. I made him as a chrissy present for my Godson, Zac, and I just adore this little pony!

He is actually meant to be a Reindeer, and is a pattern by Melly and Me. But since my friend Emma and Zac love ponies, I decided to alter him slightly.

I especially love his ric rac mane, and I put elastic in his tail so it stretches.

Too cute.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Exciting times.

We celebrated my mums 52nd birthday last week. My mum and I are extremely close, and she loves anything and everything I make. So of course, I knew it would be a handmade gift for her this year. She is a big blue and white fan, to the point of having a blue loungesuite, blue walls all throughout the house, and the majority of her wardrobe is blue. She also collects blue and white plates, and other bits of china.

So when I saw this delft blue and white house fabric at work the other day, I knew my mum would just love it. After a quick trip to the $2 shop for a wooden frame, which I painted white, we ended up with a lovely picture.

I also made this little wallhanging the day before her birthday. I tried a different technique with this piece, and actually put the quilt together and quilted it, before I even used my free motion foot to randomally stitch the daisy flowers. I love how it's turned out though, and the cute simplicity of it.
We also had some exciting news to celebrate on my mums birthday. We found out that my brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby!!! I am so excited that I am going to be an aunty, and of course, my mum and dad are overjoyed at being grandparents. I think my mum jumped up and down and cried! So I have till June to make heaps of baby quilts and goodies!!

Now, if you took a fancy to Lilys Quilt, I have finally got around to scanning in the drawing of the pony head. Download it here.

Also, I'll be doing an update/apology post for my BOM, "Stringybark Farm" shortly.
And don't forget to check out my Sew Blessed blog, as I'll be updating with a post straight after this one.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just some musings..

Firstly, please head on over to Retromummy's blog. She is having a giveaway of 12 fat quarters from Rosalie Quinlans fabric range! Talk about delicious!

There isn't much else to share with this post. Well, I do have stuff to share, but I've just been so busy lately - almost too busy to sew! *gasp*

But I just wanted to share a photo I took the other day. My parents and I drove up to Marysville a few weeks back. I'm sure most of you will know that the town of Marysville was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires back in February.
I have been a regualr visitor of Marysville since I was a little girl, and I just love that town. I have so many fond memories of picnics and games by the river, and exploring the town. So I was at a complete loss when I went back and saw how empty and hollow the town is. What was once a busy tourist town with hundreds of houses, is now basically bare paddocks. I completely lost my bearings and found myself confused as to what street I was on. And standing there, in the middle of the town, I just felt this immense sadness and grief in the air. So many people lost their lives or their homes that day, and it was like the town was grieving.

But a strong resilience was shining through. For where a house once stood, beautiful bulbs were growing through the soil and starting to flower. These precious bulbs survived all the devastation, and were now providing splashes of colour to the blackened landscape. It really encouraged me that there is always hope, and there is always life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fabric yumminess!

I have to share my excitement with you!

I just had to take advantage of the Aussie dollar being so strong of late, and so I made my first purchase from the US!

I got quite a few items from the Fat Quarter Shop that were on sale, and so including postage I think I saved around $80! Which is alot of money! I mean, if you put it in fabric perspective that's 22 fat quarters!

Talk about major excitment when it arrived a week later in a big box, all the way from the States. I've been admiring it so much that I didn't have a chance to post about it earlier!

So, I treated myself to a Glace Jelly Roll, a Patisserie Turnover and a yard of coordinating fabric, and a bundle of 19 Ginger Blossom Fat Quarters from Michael Miller. Which ended up costing only $1.60 per fat quarter!!

So I didn't go extravagent or extreme, but I am thoroughly pleased with my purchases, and I cannot wait to start using them. That's the problem though. I want to use them now. Not in a few weeks time when I've finished other projects. But now.

And yes, I will certainly be purchasing more as long as the Dollar stays strong!

I also had a lovely suprise in the mail last week. Back at the beginning of the year I joined in a Medallion Quilt Round Robin swap. So all through the year I have been recieving other ladies quilts and adding a border on. Well, I finally got mine home!
And so here it is!

I asked for a predominately white quilt featuring the red, blue, yellow and green fabric colours in my center square.

I'm really happy with the result, which was totally different to what I was expecting! So a big thank you to all the ladies who participated in my quilt top. You've done a fabulous job!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yellow Fever

Well, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who likes yellow! Being such a happy colour, I think it's impossible not to like it. Quite a few of you are now keen to make your own yellow quilt, so I'm happy to hear you have been inspired.

As for me, I've been busy cutting.

There is nothing nicer than a stack of squares, all neatly cut up and just waiting to be sewn.
And, how's this for fabric cheerfulness?? All the sewn squares blissfully blowing in the breeze.

And slowly being sewn together. I love this simple little block.

I just can't get over how happy these blocks are making me feel! I was seriously sitting there with a big smile on my face as I was sewing!

So can you tell it's been a bit of yellow fever here lately? I even bought a bundle of yellow flowers from the nursery and potted them up.

And just to spread the 'yellow cheer,' the winner of the yellow fatquarter is Jeanette from QLD! Congratulations Jeanette! I hope you enjoy using it and I'll be in touch shortly.

And finally - I won something!! The wonderfully talented Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches was having a giveaway of her latest pattern. And yup, I won a copy! I'm awfully excited as I just love Natalies designs. I can't wait to start sewing!

Keep smiling and enjoy the yellow!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's wrong with yellow?

(Photo credit - Evindl)

I've seen blue quilts, pink quilts, red quilts and green quilts. I've seen blue and yellow quilts, or purple and yellow quilts. But I've never seen an all yellow quilt. This thought struck me the other day, quite out of the blue, and I've been thinking about it ever since.

(Photo credit - cauchycomplete)

Why don't we use yellow as the predominant colour in our sewing? I'm sure we all love yellow, I mean, it's the colour of happiness! It's a bright and cheerful colour, and you can't help but smile when you're surrounded by yellow. Nature uses yellow in abundance, from the bright sun, through to the sand on the beach, and all the hundreds of yellow flowers.

(Photo Credit - drgnmastr)

Perhaps, a whole quilt in yellow is just too much of a good thing? Maybe yellow is great, but only in small doses? Well, I intend to find out.

So I've issued myself a challenge. To create a quilt entirely using yellow coloured fabric. No pink. No green. No blue. No nothing else but yellow.

And I was quite suprised when I raided my stash and realised I actually had alot of yellow fabric. And not only yellow fabric, but yellow fabric that all went with each other. I only ended up buying 2 small bits of yellow from work, just to add to the pile.

(excuse the dark photo. They really are quite 'sunshiney!')

So, my goal? To turn this pile of sunshine fabric into something pretty. Something that doesn't make one reach for the sunglasses. But a quilt that does justice to the beautiful colour.

Well, that's the plan anyway. I guess we will only find out in time whether a full yellow quilt actually looks good or not!

(Photo Credit - henribonell)

**Giveaway closed and drawn.**

And, horror of horrors! I completely forgot my 1st blog birthday, which was a month or so ago now. So, for a belated celebration, I'll give away one yellow fatquarter. Simply leave a comment to be in the draw, which will be open till Monday the 1st of November (AEDST.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Passport Holder, and other bits...

A friend of mine turned 30 last Saturday, and as usual, I had left things to the last minute. On Wednesday I suddenly remembered, but rather than rushing down into town to buy something, I really wanted to make her something. She has just come back from 2 months of teaching English in Indonesia, and is planning on going back soon. So I thought a passport holder would suit her perfectly! Thankfully I have my own passport to measure, otherwise I would have been a bit stuck.

But, half an hour later, and voila! One passport holder, ready to go. I 'prettied' it up a bit with the ric rac and light blue fabric on the front.

Don't forget to check out my Sew Blessed blog for an update and some piccies of pretty clothes!

And stay tuned, as I'll be creating myself a challenge with these yummy sunshine fabrics.

(Oh, and before I forget - thanks for your comments about my pony quilt and playmat! Just to answer some questions, I drew the ponies head myself. I'm a horsey girl - so have been drawing ponies for years and years! If you would like me to scan the picture in and send it to you, just ask!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Latest bits...

Well, this is part of what has been keeping me so busy of late. A very good friend of mine asked if I could make 2 baby quilts for friends of hers. In 2 weeks. So of course, I looked at my immensly busy schedule and said yes. As you do!

So the first one was for a little girls 1st birthday, who likes pink, purple and ponies! So here we have, Lillys Quilt.

I really love the fabrics I picked for the pink and purple in this one, and I think it looks quite cute - if I do say so myself. I designed and drew it up myself, and this one measures about 40" sqaure.

The second one was made from an awesome car playmat panel we sell at work. Simply needed to add the little boys name to the bottom corner and quilt and bind it. I love these playmat panels! Finished size is about 36x43" square.

Another very good friend of mine asked if I could make her a cow themed wallhanging for an aunt for Christmas. So, after a bit of designing and drawing, this is the finished result.

Measures about 22" square from memory, and didn't take long to make at all.

We have been incredibly busy at work of late with the Brisbane Craft show on this week, so I'm looking forward to a day all to myself tomorrow to sit and sew! *sighs*

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stringybark Farm - Block 5!

Yes, it's here! It's actually here! First of- apologies for a number of things. The block isn't entirely stitched and finished, and it's awfully late. My goodness, I'm not setting myself a good example here am I?

Oh well, slightly incomplete and a bit late, nevertheless - introducing The Piggery! Yes, you all guessed right. Those cute little ears belong to these trio of piggies!

Here we have Claudia, Penelope and Clive! They share a little pen near the barn at Stringybark Farm, and live quite happy lives. Well, you would too if you enjoyed wallowing in mud, eating lots of food, and generally lazing about. Claudia, Penelope and Clive were born from the same litter, and were a present to Farmer Jack from his rather dotty and slightly crazy sister, Imogen. Originally intended for a christmas lunch, Jack and Betty found themselves quite attached to this trio of troublesome piglets, and decided to keep them as pets.
They love chowing down on leftover scraps, and like nothing better than a good belly rub, whilst lying in the sun.
If you would like to create this piggies, please click here for the pattern and instructions. Have fun!

No, you aren't imaging things...

...It is actually a new post! *gasp* I know, I am just as shocked as you are! My dear friends, please accept my sincere apologies for not posting earlier. I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I've updated my blog! *cries*
I don't want to bore you with my excuses, but lets just say it's been one thing after the other.

I feel terrible that I haven't posted the next Stringybark Farm block, and to confess, I haven't even had time to finish stitching it yet. Which is why I haven't posted it. But I realised that that isn't fair on any of you, so I will pop the pattern and info up asap. Well, as soon as I find the drawing for the next block. I swear I left it in my sewing room, but it's trotted off somewhere else. So as soon as I find it - the next block will be up!

I have some exciting things to show you, and photos and ideas to share, but right now I better go hunt through my sewing room and find the missing drawing!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To whom it may concern...

Please excuse Missymack from blogging as she is terribly ill with the flu. She is feeling most frustrated that she cannot do any of the things she should and needs to be doing, but is under orders to rest and get better. She sends her apologies for being a slack blogger.

But, in the meantime, check out her "Sew Blessed" blog to see an update.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive....

.... I'm just in the middle of writing a pattern for a deadline, and have no time for anything else really. Which is quite sad, as I have so many things I want to share with you all. But alas, it shall have to wait.

Here is a sneak peek of the next block in the Stringybark Farm BOM series.

Any guesses as to what it is?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Winner announced!

There's something about a name being pulled out of a hat that I find appealing, hence why I prefer to do that, then use some technological random number generator thingy for my giveaways!

First of all - WOW! What a great number of entries we had! Thank you to everyone who entered, and if only I had enough Moda charm packs to give to all of you! But alas, I don't.

And there can be only one winner....

...and so a huge congratulations to - Sue Cahill!! (no blog I think.)
Who left a comment saying, "I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway. I have happily joined as a follower so that would give me 2 entries!! Sue Cahill "
Sue, I'll email you shortly for your address, and I hope you enjoy your prize!

Thanks once again to everyone who entered - I've met lots of new people now, and have lots of new blogs to explore!
Happy sewing everyone!
And thanks to my mum for doing the official draw!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

100th post celebrations!

Giveaway has closed. Thank you for all the entries - winner announced shortly!

I'm quite excited to be making my 100th post! I would never have thought blogging could become so addictive, but yup, it is, and has.

So without further ado, let the celebrations begin!
So, whats up for grabs in my giveaway? Well, what lady doesn't like the chance for some free fabric? Exactly.

So, we have a "Nells Flower Shop" charm pack from Moda (I LOVE this range. Seriously, love it.) We also have a journal cover I made (A5 size, journal not included,) in funky bright colours. And of course, every journal needs a pretty ribbon to hold it closed.

And finally, we have 3 pretty purple Fat Eights, just to continue on with my "Purple yumminess" from my previous post. Gotta love purple. Seems alot of people like it too!

So, if you would like to be in the running to win my giveaway prize, there are a couple of ways to enter:

1. Simply leave a comment before Saturday the 12th of September 6pm (AEST) on this post for 1 entry.

2. For an extra entry, become a follower of my blog.

3. If you are already a follower of my blog (as of 5.55pm 5th of September) you will automatically gain an extra entry.

4. Post about my giveaway on your blog for an extra entry.

So, when you leave a comment, let me know how many entries you have, ie: Yes, I am a follower and yes, I have posted about your giveaway. Etc. Etc. I will be checking! Winner will be announced and contacted on the 13th. Oh, and make sure your profile isn't set to annonymous- otherwise I can't contact you if you win!!

So, it's that simple! And as I said, who doesn't want free fabric??!

Now, remember to check out my other blog, Sew Blessed, for some updates about making clothes and toys for orphans in Indonesia. I've had so many people get on board and support what I'm doing - it's just great!
And finally, a small brag. Ok, a big brag.

I got the suprise of my life when I opened the latest Homespun Magazine (Vol 10.9) to find my block 2 for the Breast of Friends Quilt!

There it is! In print! In HOMESPUN! Talk about exciting! If you haven't seen the latest Homespun, check it out! Oh, and by the way, the final quilt for the Breast of Friends is just D.E.V.I.N.E.
But, make sure you check out next years Homespun, I believe the April edition. Why, you may ask? Well, you'll see a project from me in it. Yes - I know! Excitment, much?