Tuesday, May 11, 2010


First off, thank you so very much for your lovely comments following my previous post. It was a wonderful encouragement to read your comments, and personal stories that are close to home about prostate cancer. Our family is coping well, and I think the shock of the diagnosis has finally settled in. I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes, and I'm so grateful for them. Thank you!

Now, don't be shocked - but I actually have some sewing related news to share! Oh my goodness. I know. It's been awhile, hey? See, I always try to make handmade gifts. So of course, as most of you know, it was Mothers Day on Sunday here in Australia. {Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there!! Hope you had a fab day!}
So, with the diagnosis of my dad happening last week, mothers day had completely slipped my mind - till 3 days before! Um, help?!

Thankfully, my mum and I had bought a couple of "Faded Memories" Charm packs last year, with the intention of my mum learning to make a quilt for herself. Well, we never got around to it. So I thought I'd make her the quilt anyway!

And how brilliant are the Moda precut ranges? So darn easy and quick. And, you end up with a brilliant result. I love how this little quilt has turned out. And my mum absolutely adores it. She even took it with her to church on Sunday to show it off.
I simply quilted vertical lines on the quilt, spaced about an inch or so apart. And I'm really happy with how it looks. It gives it that wonderful 'crinkly goodness' and has a lovely texture. Me thinks I'll be doing it more often. Oh, the quilt measures 42 x 51". Perfect lap size.
Please excuse the dark photos - it's a bit of a cold and wet day here in Victoria!

So there you go - I actually started and finished a quilt! Now, don't fall over in shock.
I also just wanted to share a bit of workplace excitment. As most of you know, I'm lucky enough to work at Patchwork with Gail B in Bayswater, Victoria. And at the moment we are celebrating a new extension to our shop. And it looks fabulous!
I just had to take a few photos to share - however my camera makes it look quite dark inside, which isn't the case. The shop is now almost double the original size, and it's so nice and bright and spacious inside.
And a nice bonus is that I've lost 1kg from all the extra walking around the larger shop!

For any locals, we're having a sale at the moment to celebrate the opening of the extension. Lots of great goodies on sale, and it wraps up on Saturday the 15th.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Wish I could make this a happier update post!
I've had to take a bit of a break from my craft and blogging of late. Not just because I've been flat out busy with things, but due to family concerns. My dad has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, so we are all in a state of shock I think. He has been having tests etc for a few weeks now, but today we just recieved the news.

As you can imagine, sewing is the last thing on my mind at the moment. However, I am sorry for not updating earlier with the measurments for the Homespun Stitch a long. Please forgive me!

I feel like I haven't been doing my blog any justice of late, and I would much rather not post anything than be forever posting 'I'm sorry!' messages!!

Week 7: Tulip.
Finished size of stitchery block is 1.5x3".

Week 8: Home.
Finished size of stitchery block is 3x4".