Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blame technology.

Photo and quilt credit to Stitched in Colour
So, we've been having a few wee computer hiccups here of late. My rather old computer finally decided that it's life had come to a sad and miserable end. It was still operable, but the old beast was determined to make life impossible. From the time of pressing the 'on' button, to being able to access the internet - ten minutes would literally pass by. Seriously.

Photo and quilt credit to Film in the Fridge

So a new computer was bought, and my goodness - within 30 seconds I can be on the internet! It's amazing! And then I find out that everyone else has been enjoying such normal things like this for years. To me - it's quite an amazing experience, and such a novelty!

Photo and quilt credit to Where the Orchids Grow

But, until I clean out the study and get rid of the old beast from the computer desk, the lovely new (insert - incredibly amazing) computer is sitting unplugged on the billiard table. Just waiting. So I am relinquished to using an old laptop at the moment. Hence - the lack of posts, and no photos of all my latest things.

Photo and quilt credit to Merry Made Quilts

So, here are some goodies I've been admiring on the net recently. I never tire of seeing such interesting and fascinating ways to photograph quilts. And modern quilts? Yum. Mega yum!

Photo and quilt credit to Film in the Fridge