Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just some musings..

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There isn't much else to share with this post. Well, I do have stuff to share, but I've just been so busy lately - almost too busy to sew! *gasp*

But I just wanted to share a photo I took the other day. My parents and I drove up to Marysville a few weeks back. I'm sure most of you will know that the town of Marysville was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires back in February.
I have been a regualr visitor of Marysville since I was a little girl, and I just love that town. I have so many fond memories of picnics and games by the river, and exploring the town. So I was at a complete loss when I went back and saw how empty and hollow the town is. What was once a busy tourist town with hundreds of houses, is now basically bare paddocks. I completely lost my bearings and found myself confused as to what street I was on. And standing there, in the middle of the town, I just felt this immense sadness and grief in the air. So many people lost their lives or their homes that day, and it was like the town was grieving.

But a strong resilience was shining through. For where a house once stood, beautiful bulbs were growing through the soil and starting to flower. These precious bulbs survived all the devastation, and were now providing splashes of colour to the blackened landscape. It really encouraged me that there is always hope, and there is always life.


Tozz said...

Amazing...bulbs do surprise us when they come up and flower. Those ones look so pretty. Hope all is well with you Sam :) Hugs

mandapanda said...

That truly is an inspiring photo. I wonder if the people who survived, but lost their homes, will ever go back and re-build on the same block, or if the memories are just too much? I hope nothing happens again this year, with everything being so hot and dry everywhere. Hopefully most people will choose to leave instead of stay and fight this time.
Thankyou for the picture!
Hugs from QLD

paulette said...

Thanks for a lovely posting...your photo reminded me of Flander's Fields...with the poppies growing in amongst all the devastation. A good reminder for us not to give up hope...that around every corner there are poppies and tulips growing!
Take care!

Leahdis said...

What a beautiful photo. Such a great post, you are so right there is always hope and life goes on.

Anita said...

Wow that is just amazing, those beautiful flowers blooming where there was such tragedy. Brings a tear to my eye!!