Monday, October 26, 2009

Passport Holder, and other bits...

A friend of mine turned 30 last Saturday, and as usual, I had left things to the last minute. On Wednesday I suddenly remembered, but rather than rushing down into town to buy something, I really wanted to make her something. She has just come back from 2 months of teaching English in Indonesia, and is planning on going back soon. So I thought a passport holder would suit her perfectly! Thankfully I have my own passport to measure, otherwise I would have been a bit stuck.

But, half an hour later, and voila! One passport holder, ready to go. I 'prettied' it up a bit with the ric rac and light blue fabric on the front.

Don't forget to check out my Sew Blessed blog for an update and some piccies of pretty clothes!

And stay tuned, as I'll be creating myself a challenge with these yummy sunshine fabrics.

(Oh, and before I forget - thanks for your comments about my pony quilt and playmat! Just to answer some questions, I drew the ponies head myself. I'm a horsey girl - so have been drawing ponies for years and years! If you would like me to scan the picture in and send it to you, just ask!)


clare's craftroom said...

Great idea with the passport holder ! I love that new sunny fabric !

Tozz said...

Thats a great idea with the passport holder looks great and will protect it nicely. MMm I wonder what you will do with those delicious fabrics? Hugs Vicki