Friday, May 29, 2009

It's on it's way!

Keep an eye out in the post Maree, for your Paper Bag swap item is on it's way as we speak!
After taking lots of photos this morning, I packaged it all up safely, and posted it. Well, mum posted it for me because I'm not well today! Aren't mums great?
Whilst we wait for Australia Post to deliver the parcel, have a look at what Sandra made for Jessica! There is an awesome bag (am I sensing a theme here with bags?)

And a notebook cover, and needle book (love the matching fabric, and ric rac.)

And go over to Jessicas blog to see the little bag that was also made specially for her son.

It's exciting seeing all these different items that have been made. I hope you are enjoying seeing them too.
You are such a creative bunch of women!


Farmyard Crafts said...

I'll be stalking my mailperson... your parcel also got posted yesterday. Thanks to your mum for doing your mailing duties! Hope that you're feeling heaps better really soon. :)

sandra said...

hopr you're feeling better Sam, Can't wait to see everyones lovely surprises.