Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes, you will be happy to know that I am still here. I vanished into the deep dark abyss of work, family issues, freezing cold weather, teaching craft classes and looking after my duo of hairy hounds, one fat chub of a horse, and a stubborn little rabbit.
By the time I have done all I had to do, there was simply no time for sewing. *gasp* Could there ever be a more tragic tragedy??
Hence I have had nothing of great importence, or interest, to type up here. But I am more than pleased to report that the clutches of the abyss let go long enough to allow me to do a wee bit of sewing.
Firstly, I am working on two dollies for my friend Julie. She wants them made for her two nieces. I've been putting these off for long enough now, and I really have to get into it. So I have little calico bodies sitting around my sewing machine at the moment, waiting to be turned and stuffed, and brought to life.
I also suddenly realised that Mothers Day is this Sunday! Oh my.... I suddenly had to come up with something to make my wonderful mother as she adores my handmade bits much more than any store bought item. So the calico bodies were put aside and told to wait. "But's it's cold," they complained. "I don't have a face yet" one stated. "I don't have any arms yet," the other whined. I told them to be quiet and learn some patience.
I should have stuck with the dolls and bought mum some flowers. I really should have.
You know what I have learnt? Don't force creativeness and sewing.... It really doesn't end well.

I started off with this appliqued rose I got from a friend, and decided to turn it into a tablecenter/runner thing.

And the result? Well, to be honest, I haven't finished yet. My sewing machine had decided to throw a hissy fit whilst I was stipple quilting it. I lost my patience, and decided to get back to it later.
More on my disastorous mothers day project when I finally finish it. Hopefully by my next post. More to the point, hopefully by Mothers Day. I hope my mum will like it....

Another thing that has been on my mind of late is the Paper Bag swap! Who would have thought May would have come around so quickly?? The items have to be completed and sent by the 31st of May. And truth by told, I haven't really started yet. *gasp* But I have bought some extra fabric, and I know what I am doing. As soon as Mothers Day is over, I shall get stuck into it!

So don't fret Maree! It will be done in plenty of time!
This is the lovely fabric Maree sent me to use.... "Swell by Urban Chiks" for Moda.

Speaking of the Paper Bag swap, go check out Erika and Beatrices blogs to see the items Beatrice made!

And before I finish this post, and head back to the sewing machine, check out these pretty colours below! I reckon they would look wonderful in a quilt. Yup, that will be my next project. After I finish all the others of course.

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Jantine said...

Oh how I love that fabric? Why, because of the colors? Yes, I do. But even more because our last name is Urban. I have been thinking I should get free samples of every fabric called Urban because of this, but I don't ;-). So If you have the selvage left, could you please, please sent it to me?