Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love....

....Autumn. I think it is my favourite season. I really enjoy seeing the leaves on the trees change colours, and the cold nip that comes into the air. The grass starts to turn greener, and everything just looks fresh and clean. No wonder many crafters find inspiration from this season. The colours outside are just beautiful!

We finally had some rain yesterday, and some decent stuff too! I can't help but take photos of water droplets in the sunshine!

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes from my previous post! Yes, I know I was naughty for not mentioning my birthday before the actual day! But thank you for your kind wishes!

So, what else do I love at the moment? EQ6! You see, this is the pack of Fat Eights I got for my birthday. There are 21 in total, and I just love this colour pallete. Purples, some greens and creams...

So of course, I had to start thinking of what I would actually do with this delicious wad of fabrics. And EQ6 is such a great help for that! Quickly and easily I can put designs together, select colours, and see what the actual quilt will look like. It's so much fun!

So my goal for my Fat Eights quilt is something very simple, with minimal piecing. Something that shows the fabrics, not the complexity in design.

So I started off with just rectangles of 3x4". Of course, the fabrics colours aren't exact, but you get a good general idea.

It made a nice picture, and is quite pleasant, but it's also a bit boring. So then I thought about 4x5" rectangles, and maybe having a space for some simple applique, or stitching in the bottom corner.

Hmm... maybe. I can picture it in my mind, and it looks quite good.

I had seen a quilt just recently at work where all they did was cut big trinagles and piece them together into squares. I really liked the simplicity of the design. So maybe that would work with my Fat Eights? I measured that I could get 4 triangles in total from each piece of fabric, and 2 triangles sewn together would give me a 9" square (or thereabouts...)

And whilst I do like it... I don't love it. Well, at least I don't think I love it. It's very striking....but is it too striking?

But then of course, one can always turn the triangles to create a whole different look and aspect.

And now I am right back where I started. Having no clue which one to go for, if any! Maybe EQ6, as much as I do love it, has also made me more confused with options??!

So, wonderful crafting ladies of blogland, what do you think?? Should I just start again?!

Before I go, check out this great Rusty block by Maree! If you're following my Stringybark Farm BOM, please let me know, especially when you finish Rusty! I've been working on the next blocks, and Block 2 should hopefully be released around the 15th of May.


Rest is not idleness said...

Must make it a lot easier to work out designs, I can remember using graph paper and lots of colored pencils to work out patterns. I like the colours on your fat eights, who ever chose them, chose well.

clare's craftroom said...

Yes lovely choices Sam .

Tozz said...

They are all fabulous Sam and EQ6 is a great thing to have and you just sometimes got to say more trying this way or that :) Another good decider is if you want to sew it that way or the other way. How much sewing do you want to do??

Margarita said...

Now i know the perfect pattern for those lovely fat 1/4s Sam, I don't know if I can put it on here.