Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I think I am a glutton for punishment....

I've started a new project. I know, I know. Like I really need a new project right about now. But in reality it's been a project that has been dwelling in the far corners of my mind for so many years now. I even tried to make a start on it about 2 years ago, but I wasn't happy with my progress. So this idea has just been sitting there, lurking there. So after alot of procrastination, and with a fresh burst of inspiration, I have started. Here is a teasing sneak peek of some of the fabric I'm using.

Oh I know... I hate it when people do sneak peeks too. At the moment I'm just making it up as I go along, but it's going to have some stitcheries, words, and probably some applique. I'm really quite excited about it as I'm finally acting on this idea of mine. I can't wait to show you the finished result.... hopefully it won't take years to achieve!!

Yesterday I mailed off my giveaway prizes! It was quite hard to part with the Monster softie I had made for Jantine (she is so cute! The monster that is....though I am sure Jantine is cute too!) I would love to show you a photo of her, but I want it to be a suprise for Jantine. I also mailed off the chocolate and some other goodies to Kim. 'Twas a rather productive day yesterday!

And I have been playing with the awesome stamp that Leah made for me.

I just LOVE it! How clever is she??

So, how is everyone going with the Paper Bag Swap?? We have had a new swapper join us! The lovely Shiree saw that due to the odd number of swappers, I was going to swap with two people. And she asked if she could be involved and have one of my swappers. So now Denni and Shiree will be swapping with each other.
So I finally got my act together, gathered all the bits into the paper bag and sent it off to Maree. Yet again, another photo I would dearly love to show you, but I want it to be a suprise for Maree.


Anonymous said...

I just found my list this morning of all the bits and pieces I need to get organised for you! Ooohh... I'm looking forward to receiving yours!! Hope you're well! :) I'm off to go organise my paper bag swap!

Leahdis said...

I when out an brought my stuff today, I couldnt find anything that matched in my stash.... I love that your acting on your project and cant wait to see it! So dont take too long ok?

Béa said...

My Paper Bag is send and already received by I wait to receive hers.Hugs.

Allison's Page said...

Sent my bag of goodies just waiting for Gails to arrive@