Sunday, April 12, 2009

Note to self - no more Easter Eggs!

Chocolate and me is really quite a lethal combination. I have no will power when it comes to chocolate, so it never stops at 1 easter egg.... Before I know it, I have eaten 12. And Easter isn't even officially over yet! *sigh* Back to the walking and exercise bike this week!

I had some good news this week that Jantine recieved her giveaway present in the mail!

I'm so glad to hear it has arrived safe and sound in the Netherlands, and Jantine took some great photos of her 3 'helpers' unwrapping it all. Make sure you pop on over to her blog and have a look.
Oh, and here is the little monster softie I made for Jantine too. She was just so cute that I really had trouble parting with her!! Let alone my mum, who is determined to keep anything and everything I make. Luckily I was able to wrap her up (the monster that is, not mum!) before she noticed.

I was looking at the Moda Bakeshop blog the other day, and saw these cute pincushions (Sugar Cube Pincushions) on there. So of course, I had to make one for myself. I have to admit though... My one doesn't look anywhere near as perfect and polished as theirs. My little pincushion has a slight tilt to one side, so if I'm not careful he will topple over. And let's not dwell on my stitching that is plain to see from the outside, because of course it was all done by hand. And hand sewing is not one of my strongest points!
But.... I still love him. And he will serve his purpose well, and that is the main point!
I finally took a slightly better photo of my red and white quilt, "In my garden." Except that now this one looks too dark. Ah well. I can't win.
I have been working on my "Give thanks" quilt, and it's looking great so far. Ok, I tell a lie. Well, not a really big lie. But I did something on it that I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with. And so now I need to sit and think, and look at it for awhile till I'm sure. And if I then decide that I don't like it, I'm going to need to unpick a block and sew a new one in. So the quilt is hanging on the back of my couch, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.
Does anyone feel like doing a 'sew along' with me? It's like a free mystery block of the month sort of thing. AmandaJean over at CrazyMomQuilts has done a Quilt-a-long in the past. It looks like great fun! I have a great design in mind for a quilt, and I would love to do it as a sew along and share it with you. That way anyone that wants to join in can. I'm still mulling it over.... but the idea has really taken hold in my mind.


Béa said...

Great idea ! I'm OK for the Quilt- along with you. Kiss from France

trelly said...

Me too!!!! I am sure it will be wonderful! ah, I want a horse too! jajajajajajaja, kisses from spain (here I say "bicos" in galician)

Rest is not idleness said...

I have done quite well and only had 4 very small eggs (but there are 2 chocolate chickens (biggish) still in the cupboard waiting)
Your pincushion looks good, like you said, it will serve the purpose. I sometimes have problems with photos as well, the colour never looks quite right, and I can never work out if it is the computer screen or the photo.
take care

clare's craftroom said...

No wonder your Mum wanted to keep the little monster , so cute .

Leahdis said...

Love the pin cushion, You know I will join in, Im up to my eye balls in BOM's but I can always squeeze in one more! Hows your Breast of friends going?

Mistea said...

That sure is one cute monster, lucky she went to a good home. Hope you didn't make yourself sick with all that chocolate! The pincushion looks like fun.