Saturday, April 4, 2009

Progress Picture

Well, in amongst other things, I have been working on my new project. And I am loving it so far! I'm so thrilled and happy with how it is turning out.

I have been wanting to try out my colouring pencils on fabric for so long now, and I'm ecstatic with how it looks. I love this soft, feminine effect, and how simple effective it looks. I reckon I can see myself doing lots more things using this technique in the future. I'm envisioning all sorts of things.... cards, pictures, wall hangings, art works... etc etc.
Oh, the name of my new project is called, "For these I give thanks." That may have a few of you thinking various ideas!

Maree at Farmyard Crafts recieved my items for the Paper Bag swap, so I can show you a photo of what I sent... Have fun Maree!

I had two shifts at work this week, (Thursday and Friday,) and it's going well. I have started serving people now, which is a whole new experience! Instead of usually being on the other side of the counter, I am now the one cutting the fabric, and tallying up the costs. I tell you, it's a bit challenging when the cash register doesn't give you a total amount for the change that is needed. It is really testing my brain and maths skills! Luckily, there is always a calculator handy! Such a marvelous invention those things.


Levin (and Emily) said...

whoops - i forgot to photograph what i sent for the paper bag swap :(
oh well - let me assure you, it was beautiful!!
i can't wait to see what maree makes with your goodies

Kris said...

Nice work in progress, nice paperbag stuff, nice! (I love to colour in fabric! It's so fun!)

sandra said...

the colouring in is gorgeous! Funny hw we girls never lose our love of colouring in.
Your paper bag goodies look good too.

Tozz said...

Sam your colouring in is gorgeous!! I am looking forward to seeing the finished item.

Simone de Klerk said...

Your coloring is very pretty! Nice shades.

Mistea said...

I like what you are working on, will be good to see the end result, but I guess I will just need to be patient. Love the contents of your paper bag, Maree sure will have some fun with those.

Jules said...

Your colouring looks awesome. I coloured a cot quilt with crayons once. That's fun too. What sort of pencils are they?