Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tissues, anyone?

Please excuse me whilst I bawl my eyes out. My mum and I have just finished watching the movie, "A walk to remember," and whilst it was a beautiful love story and a funny movie, it was also terribly sad! I don't do sad movies very well. I sobbed for hours after watching "The Notebook," and even shed some tears at the end of "Ladder 49!"

Oh well, at least these little beauties will bring a smile to my face.

I keep buying more fat quarters of the Minny Muu range. I seriously can't resist their cute little prints and bright colours. What am I going to do with them? No idea. Just had to have them.

Oh! I also had a most wonderful suprise yesterday when Leah from Minimonty introduced herself to me at work! Here I was showing her a quilt kit with no idea it was her, till she said something. It was lovely to meet you Leah, and your mum, and two gorgeous kiddies! I hope you have fun playing with your fabrics and goodies!

Make sure you head on over to Don't look Now and enter her fabulous giveaway! She's giving away a quilt! Yes, you heard right - a QUILT!

Right. Well, I'm off to find another tissue. Or two.


Anonymous said...

ME TOO! That's one of my favourite movies... I even have the piano music to the love song she sings in the play.... LOVE IT! And I cry EVERY time. I've got the movie here... and watch it every couple of months!


Sad movies make me cry too!!! Love the cute little prints--I like to collect fabric sometimes and have no idea what I am going to use it for--as for the thread running out on the other post--been there done that--and it's alittle maddening!!!! hugs, just, Di

Mistea said...

Gotta love that fabric, there will be a project that is perfect for them. Hope you're seeing straight again after the tears..

Leahdis said...

I brought the pink fabric and I was going to grab the strawberrys, but i think I had enough to keep me busy. Was great to put a person to a blog. Thanks for all your help too, great meeting you.