Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love surprises!

Last Sunday I had a wonderful opportunity to meet some lovely and talented women from the Handmade Magazine Craft Forum. Now, if you aren't a member of the forum - go join! We have alot of fun, and participate in a wide variety of great swaps.
Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon meeting Vicki, Sharon, Glenys, Trish and Gina, and sharing show and tell, and chatting about, well, craft!

(Back row- Sharon and Glenys. Front row from left to right - Me, Vicki, Trish and Gina.)

But we did have an alterior motive for the meeting, which was unknown to Vicki. You see, Vicki organises the majority of the swaps on the craft forum, and puts in alot of her own time and effort to do this. So, we thought it would be nice to thank her - so we made her a secret quilt!

And on Sunday, we suprised her with it. And she was suitably awe struck and amazed!

I hope you get many years or enjoyment from it Vicki!

Onto other news, block 4 in Stringybark Farm is coming tomorrow! And only 5 more posts till my giveaway - excited, much?

I'm also wondering if anyone would be interested in a Hexagon swap? I've recently discovered quite a fetish for these little beauties. I mean, how can you resist this bit of loveliness?

(Photo and quilt Credit A Stitch in Dye.)

(Photo credit Sarah London)

Oh, be still, my beating heart.

Did you notice my new blog layout?? Did it just 'specially in time for my 100th post celebrations. Love it!


SharonH said...

Thought your new blog design was lovely - fresh and simple... How is the sewing going? :)

Rebecca said...

Love the new look blog. Would be intrested in a hexagon swap, let me know more please.
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Oohh.... your blog looks beautiful and really pretty!! Love it!! That's a lovely thing to do for your friend... i'm sure she feels really appreciated!! Count me.... OUT.... of the hexagon swap!!! I hope you get loads of people though. I know my limits!!!!


Hi--I love your new fresh look and it looks even prettier on my new bigger screen laptop--the quilt for your friend was a lovely idea--and I might be interested in the hexagon swap---see ya tomorrow for the next block--take care--hugs, just, Di

Tozz said...

Thank you again Sam *HUGS* for your thoughtfulness and for organising my beautiful quilt. I really do love it to bits. Thanks for the fabulous day too!!
At the moment with my wrist being not too flexable I will have to decline on the hexie swap but do hope you get lots joining in. They are fun to do, I love them.
Looking forward to your new Stringy Bark bom. :) hugs Vicki

Leahdis said...

Hi sam,
I would love to join too, Im totally addicted to Hexies. Let me know if it's on. Loving your blocks too.