Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stringybark Farm - Block 3

It's here!! It's here!

Better late than never, I would like to introduce you to Bill the scarecrow. He is quite happy that he finally gets his debut into the Stringybark Farm BOM, even after months of waiting patiently!

Scarecrow Bill has a very important role at Stringybark. A farm isn't a farm without a vegie patch, and a vegie patch isn't complete without a scarecrow! Whilst Bill is a jovial sort of character, he takes his job of guarding the vegie patch very seriously. He is more than happy for you to stop by for a chat in the sunshine, but don't disturb him when there are birds around, as he is busy at work!
He takes great pride in his important role, and has been apart of the farm ever since Farmer Jack was a little boy. Scarecrow Bill has seen alot of change over the years, so often the farm animals turn to him for wisdom and advice. Whilst he may look a bit worn on the outside and frayed around the edges, he has a heart of gold. Which may be because of the yellow straw he is stuffed from!

To create Scarecrow Bill, please go here for the stitchery template and instructions. I apologise for how late block 3 is, but I hope he was worth the wait.

Happy sewing!


Bev C said...

Thanks for that,can't wait to start stitching him. Happy days.

SewAmy said...

Oh Yeah, Bill and the garden are so cute. thank you.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's just gorgeous - worth the wait. :-)

Winona said...

Glad to see you are feeling better. Great next block. Winona

Margot said...

Beautiful... thank you!

Anna said...

Very nice block, thank you!
- Anna,