Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I love Christmas!

Wow- only one month till Christmas! I love this time of year, especially the lead up to Christmas. Everyone (well, nearly everyone!) is in a happy mood, and we all are busy thinking of things to do and buy and see.
This year, my mum and I were determined to get in early for Christmas, instead of last years catastrophe of only putting the tree up 2 days before Christmas! So mum has already written and posted all her christmas cards this year, and we put the tree up yesterday. Our Christmas tree is a 'cheap and cheerful' one that was originally a fibre optic tree. However, we have since lost the transformer, so we can't make all the pretty lights work! So, this year we have decorated it with cheap baubles, and some lights.
To hide the hideous bronze coloured plastic base for the tree, I whipped this simple cover up yesterday, and in colours that match our blue and silver theme for the tree.

It is my mums 51st birthday tomorrow, and I have been thinking about what to make her for ages. I always make her a gift instead of buying one, as she absolutely adores all the things I create. She particularly likes dolls, so I just started fiddling around yesterday, and this is the little miss I came up with.

She is a cute little girl, and I can imagine her going to school or sunday school, and I just love her hair. I know mum will love her!

Some exciting news, is that I recently won a giveaway on Gail Pan's blog, and this is the pattern I won! (gail pan photo.) Isn't it so cute? It's called Santas Helpers, and I can't wait to make it! *adds the pattern to my ever growing list of things to make*

Well, till next time- happy stitching! Hope you are all well!


Michelle said...

happy birthday to your the pressie she's wonderful...
i still have to find my tree and i know it's burried beneath a pile of "junk" and i'm not looking forward to moving it all...

Kris said...

I love your doll! Your Mum is so lucky! Great work on the christmas tree - I love how you hid the ugly bits.

Tozz said...

Love it Sam :)You are very clever.