Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm stunned!

Yesterday I recieved the most wonderful suprise in the mail! Some of you may remember a post a while back, titled the Be Creative Challenge. It was a challenge I had created on the Handmade magazine craft forum where each participant was sent a picture. And from that picture they had to be inspired to create something. I was randomally drawn a beautiful picture of a lovely old gate. I have so far started my creation and am working on it slowly. I shall be sure to post some photos soon.

But, back to my suprise! One of the ladies, Angie, totally shocked me by sending me her wonderful creation!! ME!!! I was and still am stunned! She decided to send it to me because of all the trouble I went to to put the challenge together. I tell you- I don't deserve this amazing and wonderful creation, but I feel so incredibly honoured and blessed to have recieved it!
Firstly, here is the picture that she recieved for the challenge. It's of a lovely verandah, with plants and trees, and flowers and chairs. Perfect to sit and stitch on for an afternoon, I reckon! Oh, and Angies colour that was also randomally chosen (but must be included somewhere in the creation,) was orange.
And this is Angie's amazing creation!
She started thinking about who lives at the house, and what they used the verandah for. So she created this lovely old lady, Flora McDougal, and a picture of the house, and even made a story to go along with it.
Flora McDougal's Verandah
Let me introduce you to Flora McDougal. She is an elderly Scottish lady who fled to Australia as a young girl after an unhappy love affair with Charlie McTavish, who was unfaithful to her with the floozy Magge McDonald.
Flora worked hard when she arrived, and finally got the job she wanted as a milliner in a fashion house. She was very good at her trade, and after a few years, had saved enough money to buy herself a lovely old house in a quaint country touwn. She used the cottage as a weekend getaway and always came home with her batteries recharged.
Flora finally retired and moved to her cottage permenantely. She remembered how much she enjoyed her weekend getaways and so decided to open her home as a B&B for other burnt out city slickers.
She now has many guests who come for the tranquil country setting. They all enjoy relaxing on herbeautiful verandah, where she serves them big Scottish breakfasts, and delicious Devonshire Teas. They also enjoy walking in the orange grove that the house is name after, and wandering in the pretty country gardens.
When Flora has no guests, she loves to sit in the comfy chairs on the verandah and think about her happy life, (She also thinks sometimes of Charlie McTavish and the floozy Maggie McDonald, and hopes things didn't go quite so well for them.)
Isn't that just wonderful? And even on the back of the the little house wallhanging, it has the following printed:
"Orange Grove Country Homestead Bed and Breakfast. Hot and hearty breakfasts, morning and afternoon teas (homemade scones, jam and cream a speciality.) Daily or weekly tariff. Your host, Flora McDougal."
I just absolutely adore Flora McDougal, and her lovely house and story. I feel ever so blessed to have recieved this wonderful creation. What an amazing imagination, and such great ceativity Angie has.
I just had to share! :)


Michelle said...

that is one of the sweetest things i have seen...the work tht has gone into this is the story, DIVINE...your so lucky...
love the picture of the gate...i adore these and would love to have one at my cottage...

Kris said...

Wow! You lucky duck! I love the gate too!

clare said...

You have lovely new header it looks great . Hos Flora settling in ?
Clare's CRaftroom

Crafty Ladies said...

Wow! What a lovely surprise. The work is beautiful. You must have been thrilled. :-) Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!