Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be Creative Challenge

I am running a challenge on the craft forum I am on, Craft Magazines Online.
It's a "Be Creative Challenge," where particpants names will be put into a hat and a photo will be assigned to them at random, aswell as a colour. That participant then has to design and create an item, using that photo as inspiration, and using that colour somewhere in the project.
So for example, you could get a photo of an icecream, and you get given the colour pink. Now you have to create an item (art quilt, stitchery, quilt, bag, doll, wall hanging- anything really!) using that photo as your inspiration.
So far we have had 10 ladies sign up, and I'm really looking forward to starting and seeing who gets what photo. Some of the photos range from landscapes, to gardens and flowers, to food, and to other random objects and subjects. It should be really interesting to see what these ladies come up with.
In other news...remember the two dolls I made for the forums doll swap? Well, the lady I sent the doll to has asked for permission to enter the doll on my behalf at the Dandenong Show! I feel very honoured, so of course, I said yes. I shall let you know how she goes!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome type of swap! I don't know that it'd be for me. I guess you'd have to be really creative for something like that!

MissyMack said...

Thanks for commenting!
I'm sure you would be more than capable to do this swap. It's a swap where you can be as creative as you want, or just do something simple. :)

mendicellis said...

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