Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A bevy of baskets

I was going to attempt to do this enitre post using alot of 'b' words to coincide with my baskets, but I got stuck on the first sentence and gave up. Yes, I have alot of tenacity and will power, as you can see.

So I have been busy (ohhh...two "b" words in a row! How clever I am,) making some of these cute little fabric baskets from the Pink Penguin as Christmas presents. I plan to fill them with alot of baked goodies (shortbread, fudge, biscuts, etc,) and of course, some chocolate. Who could forget the chocolate?? They are a nice simple gift, but I think they will look great when they are all filled with the goodies.

Keeping with the "B" theme (or lack thereof...) I thought I would show you a photo of one of my Ribbon Browbands on a horse. Remember the browbands I posted about a few posts back? Well, the girl sent me a photo of the lovely apricot and brown one on her horse Vincent.

Finally, thanks to those who signed up for the "Pay it Forward," that was in my previous post! I am looking forward to making gifts for Princess Pudge, Farmyard Crafts, and Erika at My Strawberry Patch. I already have some ideas of what I am going to make! Can't wait to get started.


Michelle said...

love these baskets...i have simplified the pattern and whipped up quiet a few...mainly larger and not as much of the patchwork as it takes me too long...they are a perfect pressie...

Gail said...

Hi Sam, you have won a pattern on my blog, can you email me please......your blog is to love those little bags!!!

Kris said...

Beautiful bevy of baskets! (That's my contribution to the "bness" of this post!) Thanks for the picture of the browband. I "get" it better now!