Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pay it Forward

I love the concept of 'pay it forward.' To be able to spread a bit of love and cheer to someones life, who will in turn then spread that to another, and to another and another. Well, it just makes the world a happier and a nicer place to live.

So when I saw on The Royal Sisters blog that she was participating in the Pay it Forward project...I wanted in!!
So, how does this work? Well, for the first 3 people who will post a comment to this post, I will make you a lovely handmade gift each. But, you have to have a blog yourself, and be willing to pass the 'pay it forward' concept on. So you will then have to put it on your blog and make three gifts for other people. Let's spread some happiness and have some fun!
So the rules state that I have 365 days (ample time!) to make a gift in. I would prefer to send to somewhere in Australia (I am quite poor!) but, we shall see. :) And I promise to make a really nice and lovely handmade item...what it will be, no idea yet!
I can't wait to see what Michelle from The Royal Sisters is going to make me! She makes these gorgeous 'royal' dolls that are 'oh so cute.'

So, if you want to join in and have some fun, leave a comment! :D


Erika said...

You know, If we all live this concept always, we all be better off. It is amazing what good we can do to others not even knowing, but a gentle smile, a help on the street a good ear to a friend make other's burdens easier to carry. This is a nice way to do something nice for others.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty, I'm in! Knowing that I have a whole year to make these things is pretty attractive!!!! What a wonderful way to make someone else feel wonderful! :)

princess pudge said...

you know, after i get my swaps under control, i think i could be in this too!! well done to you my dear, you're such a special soul. xo

Kris said...

I have done this on my blog too. Paying it forward is such a wonderful life philosophy. I had never seen the movie of that name until recently when it was on tv. I loved it. I know it's just a movie, but I think the good we do travels much further than we could ever imagine. Good deeds live long!

Clair Acres said...

That's a lovely idea, you have a kind heart! I only wish I had a blog to pass this on but you'll have to make do with my very best wishes.