Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Country Chooks

I thought I would share two projects that I am working on at the moment (amongst my countless other ones!)

The first one came about from a friendship block swap on the Handmade Magazine craft forum about 4 years ago! I was involved in the swap and asked for 'chook' blocks. And now, four years on, I am finally finishing it! The blocks I recieved each month were just incredible and the work and detail involved was amazing. I have my particular favourites, but I really do love them all.

So I am now at the quilting stage on the quilt, and I am doing something completely new to me- free motion quilting. For someone who always quilts in the ditch on all my quilts, this is really 'out there!' But I am really enjoying it too, though it is going to take alot of time.

I will take a better photo of the quilt, and close ups of the blocks when the quilt is complete. From this distance, the photo does not do the quilt justice at all!

Another project I am working on is my "Linen and Lace" quilt. Whilst in one of my local Op-shops, I cam across a huge basketful of linen napkins, hankies and tablecloths. Some of them looked brand new, and most of them had gorgeous embroideries stitched on them, mostly by hand.

And I thought, "These can't just go to waste! Someone has put alot of time and effort into these." So I bought them all ($15 all up I think for basketful!) and slowly went about cutting them up and sewing them together. I raided my stash and came up with some 'olde world' type of fabrics to tie in, and some bits of lace. Some of the blocks were quite plain, so I added some embroidery of my own in various places.

I still plan on adding a border (the same fabric used in the square in the center,) but this is basically the finished quilt top. It's quilt simple, and not overly fancy. But I just love that there is a history to this quilt. The below photo is not a great photo. It was a bit breezy outside today and the bottom of the quilt is missing in the picture. But you get the idea! I'll be sure to post photos of it when it's complete.

Last week, whilst my two cousins were visiting from Adelaide, my mum and I took them for a picnic up to Marysville. It was beautiful weather, and we found a lovely park next to the creek that had really clean barbeques. Of course, we had forgotten to bring any oil to cook our sausages in, so the snags looked a bit 'hacked' by the end of it. But we had fun and it tasted good, so that was all that mattered! And at least we will always remember to bring the oil with us next time!

We had two gorgeous kookaburras come and keep us company, or rather, they were waiting for some sausage! I was able to get pretty close to them too.

We also drove up to Steavensons Falls, a short drive from Marysvilles town center. The last time I had been there hadn't been much water, but due to the good snow season, and recent rain, there was a lot of water.

Well, the "Be creative" challenge I am running on the Handmade craft forum will be starting tomorrow. All the ladies involed are excited (or a bit scared...or both!) and looking forward to starting. I can't wait to see what these talented ladies come up with!

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