Saturday, October 25, 2008

'tis the season!

Whilst I sit here, I am congratulating myself on being super organised and efficient. Christmas is about 9 weeks away (crikey!) and I have just been making my christmas cards for the year. With the exception of about another 5 or so to make, they are all done! So here I have been sitting, making these simple little cards, and humming away to myself...."It's beginning to look alot like christmas...." la la laaa....

I find these cute little stockings and christmas tree embelishments at my local $2 shop the other week...aren't they just gorgeous! The minute I saw them I knew they would be perfect for some cards.

And I have decided on the presents I am making this year, and have bought all my supplies. Just need to find a quiet week to complete them!

I found this awesome and wonderful blog a few days ago, Crazy Mom Quilts, and I have officially decided..... I LOVE SIMPLE QUILTS!! Have a look at some of these delicious and delightful items she has made - aren't they just wonderful! Here are a few of my favourites, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Trifle, Candy Corn and Pink. I love them! I really appreciate and enjoy the simplicity of them, the use of colours, and the overall effect, plus the wonderful quilting. I am very much by nature a simple sort of girl. I don't like alot of fuss and bother, and like to keep things plain and sweet. So these quilts are just such eye candy for me!! I have now felt inspired to make some simple quilts, and as soon as I jumped off the computer after looking at Amandas site, I went and raided my fabric stash. I made a 'strawberry trifle,' but in some of my favourite blue and apricot fabrics. An interesting colour combination I know- but it looks great! And it's nearly done too, so photos coming soon!


Kris said...

You show off! Well done on the christmas cards. They look beautiful. I love AmandaJean's blog too. She is amazing! So productive!!!

VoniMum said...

Well done on being so organised!! I have started my christmas shopping.... The cards are beautiful. I love $2 shops too!!

princess pudge said...

wow, i'm with you, i love the simple quilts too! i've decided i want to do the square in a square in a square and i'm going to sort my stash, how gorgeous is her stash looking!!!

love the cards, you're so creative!!