Monday, October 20, 2008

Piggy in the Middle

Nothing of great interest to report lately. I haven't been doing much sewing (have been in an awful rut this last week, and have dug myself into a hole. Am only just deciding that I might want to come out of that hole today...)

However I went to spotlight last week, and treated myself to some fabric. I swear I went to spotlight for something else entirely, and I ended up coming out with alot of other things.

But I couldn't resist this utterly cute piggy fabric. It was marked at $9 a metre, and when I got to the counter, it was down to $5 a metre. So that brightened my somewhat dim day and I ended up getting more of it than I intended. What to do with it? No idea. I think I'll just hold onto it for a little while till some inspiration bursts forth.

Whilst at the church ladies group this morning, I took along a little project to work on. Its an australian stitchery thing I have designed. It's a very simple, rustic sort of thing, with different aussie scenes, called Wombat Station. This is the first one, that is nearly finished.


Kris said...

Love your stitchery! Hope you are out of your rut to stay!

princess pudge said...

i hope you're feeling better today my dear, i love your stitchery and i can't wait to see more of it!! i also love the piggies and would have indulged at $5/mtr also ;)

can't wait to try the jelly slice :D