Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bags of Jelly!

My mum hasn't been well lately, so I made her this bag to cheer her up- and it worked. She loves it and can't wait to use it. The bag was a Jan Knight design from an old Handmade magazine. Was very simple to do, and I just love the fabrics. Mum loves blue, so she adores it.

Jelly Slice

100-150g Butter or Margarine
250g packet of plain biscuts (milk coffee/marie)
395g can of Sweetened condensed milk
A Packet of jelly
A sachet of gelatin
Lemon juice

Make the jelly as per usual according to the instructions on the box. However, use a little less water. Do not put it in the fridge, but leave it to sit on the benchtop.
Crush the biscuts in a blender (or a paper bag or two with a rolling pin will work if you don't have a blender!) Melt butter in microwave, and mix through the biscuts till mixture is firm and will hold together if pressed by the back of a spoon. I find it is always best to use too much butter than not enough. If you don't have enough butter you will end up with biscut floaties in your slice. Put biscut mixture into a slice container (roughly 22cmx33cm. Tupperware ones are great, but even a cooking tray will still work. ) And press down firmly. Set aside.
Pour the sweetened condensced milk and juice of a lemon into a bowl. Bowl water in a kettle and using 3/4 Cup of hot water, mix in the sachet of gelatin (roughly 2 rounded teaspoons.) Stir thoroughly, then add to the sweetened condescend milk. Beat for about 1-2 minutes, until the gelatin is mixed through. Pour this mixture onto the biscut base, and then put into the fridge. Leave it to set for about 30-60 minutes. Just keep checking back, and until the white mixture is not runny or wobbly, and is set and cold

Using the back of a spoon, and a ladel, gently scoop the jelly onto the white surface, letting it run over the back of the spoon. This way it will not wreck your top white layer, and you won't get floaty white bits in your jelly.
Put back in fridge and leave to set for a couple of hours, and then cut into squares using a sharp knife. And voila!
It's a very easy recipe, and one that is always a firm favourite with kids, and adults alike. My brother and younger cousin LOVE jelly slice, particularly green jelly slice. Have fun! :)

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble."

Psalm 46:1


clare said...

Thanks Sam I knew the jelly recipe would be good . Can't wait to try it . Clare

Erika said...

That is so good recipe I have o try it and I like your bag I hope your mum gets better.

Kris said...

Hi Sam!

I hope your Mum is well. I love jelly slice. It's just so Australian to me!

Michelle said...

oh jelly grandma would make a marshmellow one that looked like that as well...
very pretty bag...hope your mums ok...

Ruth said...

I love the bag... and this is amazing!!! I had that exact same jelly slice today (for the first time) at bible study! One of the mums made it and brought it along to share... it looked identical to yours (and tasted yummy!)

Ruth xx