Monday, February 23, 2009

What quilt is on my bed??

Well, Lynette over at Lynette Anderson Designs, asked the question, "What quilt is on your bed at the moment?" Lynette currently has a gorgeous blue, purple and white quilt on her bed that her mother made.

So, this is the quilt that is on my bed at the moment.

Actually, this quilt is always on my bed! It is about 10 or 12 years old, and was a birthday present from my Aunt Steff. My Aunty introduced me to quilting and taught me alot of the techniques and procedures. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this quilt for the first time as I used to love pink and blue, (still do!) This dear quilt has survived so well all these years. It is so thin now, and so soft that it just wraps around you with ease. No matter what new quilts I make, I always keep this one on my bed. To sleep under this quilt is to really sleep under a blanket of love.

So, what quilt is on your bed at the moment? I would love to see!


Lynette Anderson said...

such a pretty quilt and I love the story about your aunty encouraging you to quilt. Patchwork and Quilting really does bind us girls together.

Jules said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. What a cosy story. My son has a bananas in pj's sleeping bag as his quilt and has had it for the 14yrs of his life. He still has it on his bed.........How cute.


clare said...

Lovely Sam .
clares craftroom