Saturday, February 28, 2009

My quilt of perseverance

I am still yet to figure out how such a simple looking quilt could be full of such dramas and problems.
Never have I had so many issues than with this quilt. Of course, I don't need reminding of how badly it puckered when all the borders were sewn on to it, how long it took me to unpick said borders, or how I burnt my finger whilst attaching the iron on interfacing. But I guess this is the 'journey of a quilter,' and a quilt of perseverance and tenacity.
And for that very reason, I love this quilt. We have been on a journey together; we have suffered and thrown tantrums, and we have prevailed and succeeded.
I love how the quilting brings dimension and life to the quilt, and I love the little pieced strip along the back.

I sure hope my Omi appreciates all the work that went into this quilt!


sandra said...

It's gorgeous Sam, and I particularly like quilts with something different on the back. You have done a great job.

barb's creations said...

Your quilt has turned out beautifully.Isn't that the way all journeys go,you have your smooth times to balance out the rough times.I'm sure your Omi will love it because you made it.Barb

Tozz said...

I am sure your Omi will love it Sam. Its turned out absolutely beautiful.