Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm back!

First of all, thank you so much for all your thoughts, and prayers, and best wishes! It has been greatly appreciated! I got my internet back a couple of days ago, but we were still on high alert here in Healesville with the bush fires, so I just haven't had a chance to update here. It's been a pretty horrible week here, with the fires coming about 1km away from the east and the north. The whole town has been on high alert for ember attacks, and alot of people have just up and left, not wanting to face the fire. We decided to stay and fight, as did most of our neighbours. Thankfully we live in a rather open and clear area, and we only have 1 tree on our property. It got awfully scary quite a few times last week, and most nights my dad and I stayed up, protecting the house, and watching out for embers.
Thankfully the wind was always in our favour! The CFA have been doing an amazing job, and I believe they are still trying to contain the fires around us. We are covered in smoke, and ash and debris, but I am just so thankful that we are safe and our house is standing. So many people have died, and so many homes have been lost from these fires. It is so close to home for me, and a nubmer of my friends have been affected. It's all just too devastating for words.

A bit of beauty in amongst the devastation....a beautiful sunset through the smoke.
If you would like to see any more photos, I have uploaded them to my Facebook account.

On to some good news! I have managed to get a start back on my sewing, and I have been working on my Omi's lap quilt. Remember my desperate post a little while back about the quilt that puckered? See, "Someone please hit me over the head with a fat quarter."

Well, I unpicked all the borders off, and gently ironed on some Iron on interfacing to the back of it. And it worked!! Hurrah!! I was so pleased that at least something went right this week! I have now sewn on all the borders again, and it's no longer puckered. It's looking great and ready to be all put together. My Omi (my mums mum) has always been an avid supporter of my sewing and crafts, and has often given me money as a treat to shop at Spotlight. So this quilt is well over due!!


Michelle said...

so glad you and your family are safe...
it must be so worrying seeing the fires and knowing how much they have already distroyed...thanks for putting up the pics it makes you really think about what fire can do...

Allison's Page said...

glad to see things have settle down, we were all very worried about you and can not image what you were going through. Thanks for taking the time through the hell of the fires to post in the forum, so we knew you were ok.

Big Hugs