Monday, February 2, 2009

It's been too hot to sew!

Well, dear little Penny was no longer there when I went back to the park later that evening. So I'm hoping someone found her and took her home. I am yet to hear if someone has claimed her on the Toy Society blog. I have been looking around my local town, and have come across some other perfect places to drop some toys, so I might have to make a few more 'Penny's.' :)

Thank you so muh for all your lovely comments about my Homepsun BOM block! I'm so chuffed with it! I managed to take a bit of a better photo yesterday, so have edited my original post with the new photo.

I have also made a start on the second block, and I am really enjoying this one so far. It is by Bronwyn Hayes, and is three girls sitting and having a great chat. I can just picture myself and two of my girlfriends doing the same.

I have so far completed all the stitchery part, and am now about to start on the applique. I actually quite suprised myself. Usually I am not a big fan of stitching because I tend to rush it and take shortcuts. Even though I am in general a very patient person, I guess I am from that 'instant generation,' where we want results, and fast. So hence why I get a bit frustrated with stitching and usually steer clear of it (though I absolutely love stitcheries.) But for some reason I have really been enjoying doing these two blocks, and I have been taking it slowly, and really making an effort to do neat stitches. I tell you, I'm stunned!

Here are two of the girls so far...I just love that blonde hair style!

It's been awfully hot down here in Victoria this past week, with a shocking heat wave affecting the southern states. It was over 42°C for 4 days running here, with it reaching 46.7°C on Friday. I felt so sorry for my poor horse, Charlie, being stuck outside in that heat. We unfortunately don't have many trees at our place, but there is a shelter for some shade. I ended up freezing blocks of water, and putting them in his water trough, though he much more enjoyed licking them straight, especially when I put a dash of cordial in one!

And because it was so hot I had to give my little dog Daisy a hair cut! She gets quite a long thick double coat, so of course she just suffers in the heat. So here she is, looking much more happier with her new look. :) I can't believe she is going to be 12 this year!


Anonymous said...

I seriously am loving your block!! I feel for you with this heat. We've had hot days here... but no problems with electricty supply! So the air con is beautiful! Can't wait to see how you go with the next block!! Looks good so far!! I might have to make start on it. :)

Mistea said...

You have done a great job with that stitchery. I agree the heat was a bit too much last week. I love Red Brolly designs generally and can't wait to see your finished block, I'll be back to check. Well done on getting this far.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Penny was found!! Yay!