Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Must be the day for getting pressies!

Isn't the postman nice to deliver not only my swap item from Maree today, but to deliver Maree hers too?!! Such fun that we both got ours on the same day!
So now I can finally reveal what I made for Maree! I've been wanting to show you all for weeks now!
These are the items that Maree sent me.....
...and this is what I made...
Yup, another bag!! haha! I made the bag first, and then had stuff left over, so made the table runner.
The first thing that shouted out to me about Marees fabric was 'cherries,' hence the cherry fabric, and appliqued cherry. I hope you like cherries Maree!
The fabric is one of Marees favourites, so I had to use the selvedge, and I think it looks really funky! I love the red ribbon with it too, which can be gathered together to 'close' the bag.
But wait, that's not all! The bag is actually reversible! So whenever Maree gets tired of one side, she can get a fresh new look just by turning it inside out. The green ribbon was one of the items Maree sent, and it was just long enough to gather the bag too!
I call this my 'shabby chic' side!! I had such fun playing with this side of the bag and coming up with something a bit different! I completely made up the design for the whole bag as I went along, and followed no pattern. I find that's the best way that I create- just by making it up as I go.
I also made a little circle of fabric and stitched a capital 'M' (for Maree obviously!) and a flower on the back, then attached it to the bag. But I think I forgot to get a photo of it!
The table runner is simply squares sewn together, with an applique center. I actually cut out one of the flowers from the green fabric of the bag, and used that for the applique.
And then I added some of the buttons Maree sent, and the red ric rac. I also used the ric rac on the bag.
I've heard from Maree that she loves the items and is really happy - so big sigh of relief from me!! I had so much fun making these items for Maree, as she is such a lovely person, and it's been a joy to get to know her over this swap.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have! It is my first time visiting and I hope to come back often to enjoy your posts and see what other swaps are being organized :)
Greetings from Mexico ~

Gran said...

I honestly love your blog. You go girl. I hope my grand daughter is like you when she is your age.
Can I adopt you!!!

Béa said...

What a wonderful work you have made !

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT! Thank you so much for the beautiful things you've made me for this swap. I also had a ball making your goodies too. It would seem that bags are the unofficial 'theme' of your swap!!! Thanks so much! :)

Leahdis said...

The bag is great and reversible, how awesome is that! Love cherries!
Great Job, as usual Sam! Well Done

Mariàngels said...

very beautiful! and I love your blog.