Thursday, January 10, 2013


Some latest happenings in my life, and gosh, I wish there were some cute baby photos!
But alas, we are 41+6 weeks pregnant, and still patiently waiting.
A baby has to come out eventually, right??

I've been sewing, a lot.
Etsy orders and sales kept me really busy right over Christmas and New Years.

We enjoyed a mini holiday and a long drive (at 34 weeks pregnant mind you!) to Port Stephens in NSW to attend our dear friends wedding. Totally worth the 2 day car trip!

I've been getting bigger. And bigger.

I've also been playing a bit with these lovelies. 
Cuzco, by Kate Spain.

Bright and bold. 
Will share the quilt soon.

Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur. 
But enjoyed by all. 
Merry rather late Christmas to all! 

And I've been getting to spend a good deal of time with this amazing and gorgeous man...

...who treats me to lovely delicacies like this.

Life is purely beautiful and such a gift. 
Enjoy your New Year, and I'll be back soon.
Hopefully with a baby photo! 

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