Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sewing for Baby #1

I think I've been waiting for at least 10 years for the excuse to sew baby items! For some reason it didn't feel quite 'right' to me to be sewing clothes or nursery knick knacks when I wasn't even married. It felt like I might be getting a bit too ahead of myself.

But now - I am free to let my creativity run when it comes to all things 'baby'! So I thought I would share with you my creations along the way, and include a few tutorials for some things.

Firstly our nursery. Since we are having a surprise, and will only find out the gender once our baby makes their grand entrance, I decided a neutral colour scheme was a must. At first I thought mint green and grey, but I have now added some more colour to that, with the addition of apricot, aqua, teal, lemon and white. It's gorgeous. It's neither boy or girl. And I love it!

We have painted our nursery walls the classic Dulux Antique White USA. We wanted something smart and simple, and I particularly like white, or near white, walls. I find blogs like Dreamy Whites, and Meadowbrook Farm, particularly lovely. And it's because of their gorgeous white walls, and colourfully country decorating pieces they include. I've realised I admire and like the Modern Farmhouse style of home very much. Thankfully our little cottage lends itself to this style quite nicely!

Whilst the painting is complete, the nursery itself is still a work in progress. I have a feeling it will always be tweaked and adjusted, even well after the baby arrives! Our lovely cot was a gift from my parents and my Omi and Opa, whilst the change table I scored for $60 off Ebay. One cannot describe how thrilled I am with it. We still have plans for shelving, a new door, some more colourful artwork, curtains, a rug and other bits, like a light fitting. But, you know, one can't do all these things in a rush.

One of my creations that I'm just so happy with is my nappy or diaper stacker. I had been thinking about it for months, and finally the day of inspiration struck and it was complete within a few hours. I made the pattern myself, and it also includes a sturdy base, so it doesn't flop when half empty. It's not a particularly large stacker, as I wanted something a bit more compact and neat.
It's now proudly hanging off the change table, full of nappies and ready for some use!

I also now sell them as custom made items in my Etsy Shop. Head on over and have a look, even if you  aren't interested in the nappy stacker, I have lots of other bits and pieces, including some fabric.

Baby countdown? Currently 37 weeks and 4 days. 
Am I over it? Not just yet. Still am enjoying being pregnant, but we are getting more eager to meet our little baby!

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sharine said...

The room looks beautiful. Good luck for the big day:)