Monday, October 29, 2012

Enjoying the journey

Life certainly does get a bit more hectic when you're pregnant.
There are appointments to go to, bloods to have taken from you, doctors to see, a nursery to create, and things to buy. Mind you - the whole nursery creating and buying things has been super fun! I cannot even begin to describe how much fun it has been to set up our nursery and daydream about our little possum sleeping there. More on that later though - as I'm really keen to share some photos with you of Possums nursery so far. 

Pregnant, and loving it!

A small snapshot of the nursery.

And I know what most of you are thinking - if I think I'm busy now, just wait till a baby enters the household!! Yes, I'm well aware that my delusions of being busy at the moment will be a far cry from the constant need and attention that a baby demands. But at least that will be my sole job and object - and I won't have to concern myself with other responsibilities, like work, just yet!

French Provincial Quilt, on Etsy.

Love the softness.

My Etsy shop is growing steadily, and I am really enjoying making and selling my handmade wares. I love that all around the world, there are little nurseries or couches adorned with my owl bunting, or a cushion cover, or a patchwork quilt. There is something so timeless and personal about a handmade item, made with love and attention. And I really enjoy sharing that with likeminded people who appreciate it. 

We are nearly about to have our 50th sale on Etsy, which is so awfully exciting! I still remember my first sale and how I screamed and yelled and raced outside to share the news with Simon. And each sale I make now, I still get incredibly excited! 

So, do you remember the above pile of prettiness I shared a while ago? This lovely collection is a custom order for a young mum and her two daughters - one chevron quilt, and one circle quilt. The chevron quilt top is nearly complete, and looking so soft and pretty. It has been a joy and pleasure to work with this mum and these gorgeous fabrics. We are both looking forward to seeing the two quilts finished - hopefully before Christmas! 


sharine said...

Beautiful quilts:)

Anonymous said...

You are looking very well and happy! Love the colourful quilts and the basic but striking designs. Glad your etsy shop is going so well :).