Thursday, August 16, 2012

Modern Circle Quilt

I actually made and finished this quilt top some time ago, but as often is the way, it sat waiting to be quilted and finished for a whole year. Being a quilt that is designed to ruffle and fray with love and wear, I just couldn't decide how best to quilt it. I had thoughts of quilting multiple circles all over it; of doing shadow quilting in the fabric circles; endless ideas.

In the end I stuck with what I know, and randomly stipple quilted the whole thing.

Sometimes I think it's best to stick with what I know, and what's familiar. My lovely Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 is fantabulous at stipple quilting, as it allows me to adjust the pivot height and the tension to make it just perfect. Every day I use my lovely big sewing machine, and every day she's a pleasure to work with!

So, on to the circle quilt! The range of fabric is "Ginger Blossom" by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller. I simply cut a larger circle from a template, then folded that circle into quarters to cut out a smaller inner circle. Then it was just a matter of laying out the circles on some plain white homespun and sewing them down. Very easy and a lot of fun.

The quilt measures about 50" square, and has been washed already to give it that lovely crinkly, fluffy look. The backing was made up with a lovely plain green, mixed in with some scarps from the front.
So a year later, but worth the wait. 

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