Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Chevrons

I didn't have long to enjoy the finished result of my little Chevron Quilt. It was bound and photographed and placed on Etsy for sale, and within 4 days it was sold to the United States. 

I am so pleased that it will be going to a lovely home, where it will be hung on the wall as a feature piece of a girls bedroom. I'm sure it will bring some lovely colour and vibrancy to her room, and I hope she enjoys it for many years to come. Who knows? Maybe when this girl is older she will use it for her children. It's a nice thought to think! 

I just love the Kumari Designs range of fabric that was used for this one. It really is a fun range of fabric to work with, and I love the sassy colours. The quilt design and colours have proven to be really popular on Etsy, with already some interest in custom orders. See? I told you Chevrons were popular!

I'm anticipating releasing a pattern for this Chevron Quilt in the near future - getting back into the swing of writing patterns again is going to be interesting!

And for those interested, we are now 19 weeks and 3 days along in our pregnancy. The baby is moving around quite a bit now, which is so incredible to feel. I can't feel it on the outside as yet, so hopefully Simon will get to feel a few big kicks soon. We have our next scan coming up in a few days! 


sharine said...

Gorgeous quilt. I used to love feeling the movements when I was pregnant.

Mary Pavish said...

Hi Sharine,

I am trying your Just Chevron pattern today and I prewashed my fabrics. Now my 44" fabric after washing is 42" to 42 1/2" wide. I am making a twin sized quilt and I am wondering if your pattern won't work for the fabrics that shrank in the wash. In the directions it doesn't give a measurement for the top and bottom edges of the cut chevron pieces. So it is hard for me to figure out if there is a way to salvage the fabrics that shrunk to less than 44".

Any help is greatly appreciated.