Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A bit of teaching...

I'm settling myself slowly into the thought that this will be a year of change. I've never been a fan of change, but I'm actually finding myself looking forward to new things. 

I'm in the process of developing and planning a new direction for Missy Mack, which I'm hoping will be up and running shortly. 

Till then, I am now able to share a new change. I have had the pleasure of being asked to teach sewing at the beautiful home and kitchen wares shop, Crumbz, here in Healesville. With a bit of nervous anticipation, I'm keen to teach something that is a great passion and hobby of mine. The lovely Kay from Crumbz, is offering a number of craft courses, covering sewing, crochet, felting and knitting, so there will be something for all tastes. 

We will be starting off at the end of February with a gorgeous and simple patchwork cushion. Red is not a colour I normally gravitate to, but I love this cushion. Gosh, I could easily become a red fan if all red looked like this. I greatly enjoyed making this cushion, and he now sits quite comfortably on my rocking chair. Pity the red doesn't match my colour scheme!

I will also be teaching a very basic "Learn to Sew" class. Which is for those who maybe have a sewing machine, but really aren't sure where and how to start. In this class we will be making a very simple and very cute purse. The purse is ideal for holding makeup, sewing knick knacks, and probably a variety or other possibilities! 

To make sure this purse was suitable for a beginner, I tried it out on one. My husband! Having little use of a sewing machine, he was a star pupil and together we whipped up the little purse on the right. The result? A nifty purse, and one very proud husband!

We are also planning some other classes, including a patchwork quilt, a tote bag, and many other projects for further in the year. Talk about exciting!

To see the full class list, just send me an email and I'll be happy to forward it to you. 


bevkimmel said...

It sounds like you and your classes will have a lot of fun! That owl really makes the red pillow perfect and I love your fabric choices on your little purses!

Clair said...

I Love the cushion, but I'm equally impressed with your hubbys sewing!