Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A quilt for Holly

To me, the colours in this little cot quilt can't help but say, 'girly, pretty and summer.' The mix of the pinks, lemons and a touch of tangerine orange are bright, cheerful and happy. And I love putting  bright colours together with white. It's simple. It's fresh. And I like it. A lot.

This cot quilt was started all the way back in July, and was finally finished yesterday with the label being sewn on. My gorgeous cousin, Louise, who hails from South Australia, asked if I could make a quilt for her to give as a gift. Her youth pastors were expecting a baby girl, and Louise thought a quilt would be a perfect gift.

I mostly had free rein as to design and colours, but as long as some pink was used, and perhaps some birds.  And I had till the middle of November to have it done by. So, no rush! Well, baby came early! So, sadly the quilt wasn't ready in time for Hollys' delivery, but at least she won't know that!

I had a great time playing and perfecting pinwheels. Well, maybe not perfecting exactly. But at least, trying to perfect them. I found quite a few good tutorials online for pinwheels, and figured out some tricks on my own to get my points to match. The birds were appliqued using the blanket stitch on my Brother sewing machine. So much quicker and easier than doing it by hand.

The quilt was quilted by the wonderful and talented Clair on her long arm machine. She always does a brilliant job, though she doubts herself terribly! The quilt is bound with remaining scraps and white, because as most regular readers will know, I love a good scrappy binding.

All up, I'm rather pleased and happy with the final result. It's pretty. It's pink. And I hope Holly and her parents like it and get many years of enjoyment from it.
An aside note, I've been rather ill lately. First a flu, then a persistent tummy bug, and again, the tummy bug with headaches and immense exhaustion. For a week there I was in bed pretty much every afternoon, which is so unusual for me. Hopefully it won't last too long - it's taking up valuable sewing time!


Susan said...

Its so pretty - and your pinwheels look retty darned good to me! I too like scrappy bindings. Though on a lot of quilts I go for the same as the border - it all depends . .Hope you are feeling better very soon. Who wants to waste valuable time being sick - maybe a broken leg for a bit so we can still sew - but not sick!

willywagtail said...

It is very pretty and happy. I am sure it will be well loved. Hope all those germs leave you alone soon for a long time. Cherrie

sharine said...

It looks very pretty and girly without being over the top. Get well soon!

Karen said...

Oh my that is a pretty little quilt. I love the little birds on the top. Pinwheels are one of my favourite blocks to do....hope the little one gets many years of comfort out of it. Hope you feel better soon. Karen

ansleighantione said...

Wow Awesome quilt. I really love this quilt. Its color combination and also pattern is looks very nice.