Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me First! Me First!!

Ok, I'm a bit of a self confessed "Melly and Me" fan over here. I mean, how cute are their gorgeous toys? And not to mention that Melly is such a lovely and generous girl, who has donated alot of fabric for my 'Sew Blessed' missions.

So it was with great excitement that Mellys first range of fabric from Creative Abundance, called "Where the Wind Blows," arrived at work this morning! And guess what? We were the first store in all of Australia to get it! Thanks for dropping it off Melly!

And so I was the lucky girl who got to unwrap the pretty bolts, and cut some into fat quarters. Such fun!

And so. I just had to buy some. How utterley cute is it?! And you know what I realised? I'm the first person to have bought some of Mellys fabric! How cool is that?!!

So if you would like some of Mellys fabric, we have the full collection at Patchwork with Gail B.
And to continue with the Melly and Me theme - only 3 sleeps to go till the Immerse Stitching Day!!! Can't wait!
Also, lots of new design news coming shortly, and who remembers the Paper Bag swap I held last year? Well, would anyone like to have a go of it again? 'Twas great fun! Let me know your thoughts. :)


Ozjane said...

super cute but did not find it on the web.

Jessica said...

OMG I am hanging out for some of that fabric!

Mistea said...

Oooh - I hope she has some with her on Saturday that would be truly special.

I'd be very happy to participate in another paper bag swap, it sure was fun.

Anonymous said...

It's very cute! You're very lucky that she dropped it off!! :) What are you going to make with it, Sam? I'd love to do a paper bag swap... BUT... I have hardly any spare time at the moment... thanks to my beautiful new Buddy Boo... he's 12 weeks already!!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Sam,

That fabric looks scrummy. Will love to come and have a peek.
Hugs, Sharon

sandra said...

I would be up for a paper bag swap again, thanks.
Beautiful fabric!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Sam! today's the day , your immerse stitching day??? Have lots of fun, I'm sure you will. It sounds wonderful. Hugs, sandy. :-)