Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Pinny Brigade...

Well, that's what we are calling ourselves at work. All the staff have been making aprons to wear to work. Not only do they protect our clothes from all the fabric fluff (chenille...I'm talking about you!) but they look awfully cute, and inspire the customers to make them too.

So this is my cute apron that I wear to work. Please excuse it looking a tad wrinkly. I just gave it a wash and only a quick iron. *tut tut* Shows off my poor ironing skills, doesn't it??

But, never mind. I just love the fabric, which has threads and pins and needles all over it. Too cute.

Well, of course when my mum saw my apron - she wanted one too! She chose a fabric from the same range as mine, and it just suits her perfectly. Very feminine.
Oh, and she's been wearing hers to do the food shopping!! I was a bit stunned when I heard, but apparently she has recieved plenty of admiring comments. She's always been one for starting new trends.

By the way, the pattern for this apron comes from the book, "A is for Apron," by Nathalie Mornu. Which is a fabulous book full of apron patterns. I highly recomend having a flick through it sometime.

It's definately time for an apron revival - so come on girls! Drag out those pinnies or make a new one!

Oh, and before I forget - check out my Sew Blessed blog for an update. Some exciting developments are happening!


equesteph said...

They are just gorgeous, Sam!! I need one (or more...) to help protect my clothes when I'm cooking/baking as I can make such a mess :P You have (once again!) inspired me!

Jantine said...

I bet you never loose your scissors anymore either, since they fit in your pocket. You can even sew a long ribbon or something in the pocket to attach to your favorite scissors or cutting knife ;-)