Sunday, April 28, 2013

Road 15 by Sweetwater

We're a little excited at Missy Mack.
We just received a pre order shipment of the awesome new range by Sweetwater, "Road 15."
I've always been a huge Sweetwater fan. I loved 'Authentic', and made a quilt for Simon out of their 'Pure' range, and how cool was 'Noteworthy?' I still have a jelly roll in the Noteworthy range, that I will eventually make something pretty with. Eventually.

So, 'Road 15' is typical in fantastic Sweetwater style. We have little prints of maps and streets, including sweet houses and trees. But there is something else about this range that I think is really cool. A while back when designing this range, Sweetwater asked for some input from their blog readers. They asked for readers address's! Yep, so I added our address, and imagine our shock and delight when (after a few minutes of searching!) Simon found our address! One cannot get any cooler than that!

So, I'm delighted to share my newest favourite range of fabric with you. Whilst I think it's brilliant, it's also a fab range for boys with the great colours of aqua, red, green with bits of black and grey.

'Road 15' can be found in our Etsy shop, along with another new range, 'S'more Love,' by Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket. They can also be found on our eBay page (our eBay shop coming soon!)
Prices start from $34.00 for Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes.
We are also getting some bolts from the Road 15 range, due in around August.

Happy sewing!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

This looks like it's going to be another great range from Sweetwater!

Fiona said...

I just found my address too! Do you have any left?