Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Handmade Patchwork Quilts

Change is one of those funny things. Normally I avoid it at all costs, happy to stay in my familiarity and comfort. Like most of us, I'm sure!

But Missy Mack has been evolving and changing, and I'm loving it! I first started this blog to share my latest sewing creations, and to connect with other crafters worldwide. And I guess, that hasn't actually changed. Everyone loves a bit of show and tell, and a good chat. Add some chocolate in there, and a Chai Latte and I'm a happy little chick!

I feel like I am finally falling into something I have always dreamt of doing - making and selling my handmade items. Particularly Patchwork Quilts. I find great enjoyment in designing and creating quilts, and seeing other people appreciate and love them. I sold a cute little pony quilt, made from Heather Ross fabric to the US a few weeks ago, and gosh, I was so excited! To think that something I have made is now being used by a family for their baby. I love it!

So, my show and tell for today are some quilts that I have listed on Etsy. Gee, what a fun site that is. I am constantly inspired by the talented people on Etsy.
These two are Cot Quilt size, and the actual pictured quilts aren't for sale. Instead, a custom quilt will be made in the buyers choice of colours and fabrics. I find it great fun working with clients to choose the right fabrics for them. It's great to put in that personal touch through a favourite animal or colour.

So, I'm a pretty busy, but rather happy girl at the moment, and Simon is getting used to hearing all my 'etsy talk.' He is a wonderful support in all my endeavours. Bless his gorgeous heart.

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