Monday, March 5, 2012

Stash busting sale and giveaway!

Giveaway comments closed. 
Winner announced soon. :)

I love fabric. I love buying fabric. I love seeing it in my stash and thinking of all the pretty things I'm going to make with it.
But one thing I don't like? Something I can't stand? To see pretty fabric loveliness go to waste!
I feel guilty. Looking at it, and knowing it could be of better use to someone else.
The fabric deserves to be loved. To be cherished and made into something of great prettiness.

Am I strange?
Probably, yes. I know.

But nonetheless, I am selling some of my 'guilty stash.' The parts of my stash that deserve to be admired and loved. And not stuck in the stash waiting to be used. (And no. It's got nothing to do with the fact that the stash is spilling out of the plastic tubs, and onto the sewing room floor. Not at all. I don't know where you got that thought from....)

To be honest, there actually isn't all that much for sale. I mean, come on! It's my stash!! I can't part with too many things at once. There's only so much de-stashing a fabric loving girl can take.
So we shall start with one fat quarter bundle and two jelly rolls.

There. Nice and easy to begin with Sam.

And maybe we shall add some fat quarters and some more jelly rolls at a later date. Yup. I can cope with that!

So, if you would like to pick up a bargain, and give these fabrics a nice and happy home, then please head over to my Etsy shop and have a look.

The fat quarter bundle is "Wee Woodland" by Keiki for Moda, and is just gorgeous. Each fat quarter only works out to be about $2.65 each, so an incredible bargain there. (Yep, not only am I de-stashing, but I'm also generous!)

And the jelly rolls are "La Petite Ecole" by French General and only $35 each.

Whilst you're over at Etsy, check out my cute pony quilt that I am selling. It features a beautiful Heather Ross fabric as the centre panel, and is in lovely tones of apricot, peach and chocolate brown. It's lovely and I hope someone falls in love with it as much as I have.

And just in the spirit of de-stashing and sharing fabric prettiness, comment on this post and you might win yourself 2 fat quarters of your choice (provided your choices are still available for purchase from work when you win!!) from the gorgeous "Flea Market Fancy" by Denyse Schmidt.
I just love this range!
Giveaway is open till Saturday 10th of March 1pm AEDST, and to Australian residents only.
If you want to make it super easy for me, in your comment let me know what you two choices would be from the range below if you won. :)


Jessica said...

Unfortunately I need to destash too so I can't take anything of your hands...although I love the fat 1/4 bundle!
I would love some FMF too!

Kaye R said...

I am afraid I cannot part with any of my stash Sam, it all has been earmarked for use, i onlynhope I live long enough.....

sharine said...

Can I please enter? Your quilt is gorgeous.

nlcalendar said...

Would to win the pink/purple bundle. I'm a hunter gatherer of fabric, so cannot imagine getting rid of any ;-)

Stitchin' time said...

I've had to buy another container for storage so I've been limiting my acquisitions. I do love dots in green or blue though.

Liz said...

Your fabrics are lovely . I particularly like the yellows in the DS range.

Mistea said...

Can't imagine giving away or selling any of the stash and spend a lot of time dreaming up ways to get out of the day job so I can spend all day creating.
Gorgeous quilt you are selling.
I'm really partial to spots any colours work.
Thanks for sharing.

Jenna Appleton said...

Goodness, I'm really tempted by the Woodland bundle... but I just bought a Little Apples FQ bundle so I've hearted it to look at again later ^_^

I've only been quilting for about a month now so I'm definitely not in the 'destashing' phase just yet. Stashing is so, so fun though! Am loving pulling things out to match up... and totally coveting any/all of the FMF seeds prints, I hope there will be enough 'out there' for everyone when the full release hits!

Alice said...

Love the fat quarters. I am trying to break out of my comfort zone, so if I win I will let you close your eyes and pick two for me.
Thanks for the chance to win

chook said...

beautiful fabric I would love to be in the draw if I win i would like one from the pink group and one from the green group
have fun destashing
hugs Beth