Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year...New Quilts.

Well, it was a wonderful christmas season here, and much fun and food and festivities were shared by all. Probably a bit too much food. But that's always the way at Christmas, and I'm now doing a little diet to shed some unwanted kilos.

I was doing quite a bit of sewing before and during the christmas break. A week or so before Christmas I decided I wanted to make my boyfriend a quilt as a present. I was feeling horribly sick at the time of this decision mind you. But I'm the type of person, that when I am sick I actaully have to do something. I cannot stay in bed and just lie there. So I dragged out a Pure layercake I had bought months ago, and all I could manage in my sorry state was sto sew large squares together. But I think it looks great, especially when the borders were added later. It's a bit simple and plain, but I like it - and the main thing? The boyfriend loves it too.
I carried on a circle theme with the quilt, strangley enough, and quilted large circles in each block. I'm yet to take some better pics of it, but will do so soon.

I have also been busy sewing a comissioned quilt for a lady, Cathy. Her friend is sick with cancer, and she wanted a quilt to be made with photos. I haven't actually done a photo quilt before - but gosh it's easy. I used the Matildas Own Photo paper, and it was quick and simple and no fuss. I decided to print the photos in black and white, and I like the classy look it gives the quilt. I stipple quilted the whole thing, and I'm really happy with the finished quilt.

Cathy picked it up today, and loves it. So, I count that as a job well done!
I actually really like doing comissioned quilts and items for people. I don't feel much stress or pressure, and I enjoy the challenges.

I must say though, I'm feeling rather sombre tonight as I post this. I can't help but feel sick at the pictures on the news of the devastating floods in Queensland. The footage of this sheer torrent of unrelenting water flooding streets and destroying homes and lives is horrible.
I know I will be donating money to assist in the rebuilding, and I'm encouraging all to do the same. I'm sure alot of people from Queensland, who are now affected by these floods, were some of the kind and wonderful people who donated money to my area and region after the Black Saturday bushfires. I'd love to give them something back.


Susan said...

Love the boyfriend's quilt - perfect for a male and the purple one is lovely - then again you do like purple dont you??. Yes here in Queensland things are pretty grim - fortunately our house is Ok but the threat of loss of power etc still looms large for us even in the safer areas. It is just so sad watching the TV it is hard not to just cry.

Robyn said...

Some more lovely quilts Sam!

Anonymous said...

Nice quilts, Sam! The boyfriend looks lovely draped in the quilt!!!