Friday, February 26, 2010


Gosh, thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post! You're all so nice and sweet! I must say, there is a bit of apprehension when your own design comes out in a magazine. The doubts and questions start running through your head - "Did I write everything down correctly? Were there any mistakes? Will anyone actually like it?!!"
My mum is, of course, extremely proud and carries a copy of the magazine around with her at all times. Gotta love a proud mum!

Well, I was going to write up a post earlier on this week, but I lost my camera! *gasp* Well, to be honest, I forgot it and left it behind at my brothers house on sunday. Must be something about forgetfulness and getting old.

Anyway, last saturday I had the immense pleasure of teaching 5 of my young cousins (8-14yo) how to make a patchwork quilt! And what a day we had. They all arrived at 9am, and I had 4 sewing machines set up. My aunty bought with her another machine, and soon we were stuck into it. And the girls took to it like ducks to water. I had already cut all the material up, and decided to go with simple 8" square blocks.

So after a quick lesson on how to use the machines, (most of the girls had never used one before,) they were soon motoring along and having a wonderful time! Each girl sewed their own quilt top, and then helped my aunty and I put them together with the quilting and binding.

So, one very busy day later, we managed to complete 3 quilts, with the 4th one only needing the binding sewn on, and the 5th one a complete quilt top. The girls were wrapt and then wanted more fabric to create bits and pieces with. So, they sewed bags and dolls and let their imagination run wild! It was so wonderful to see their creativity blossom. And of course, they all wanted to come back next week!

When they all went home at 5:30, I think I sunk into a chair and didn't move for an hour or two!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homespun Brag

Yup, 'tis time for a shameless brag.

Almost this time last year I had the immense pleasure of receiving an email from Catherine Sanchez, the editor of Homespun magazine. Having seen my blog, she asked if I would be interested in designing something for the magazine. Um, YES!

Well, I had the latest issue (Vol 11.2) arrive on my doorstep the other day, and lookie what I found on page 133.

The quilt is titled "For these I give thanks," and features a number of stitcheries all based on things to be thankful for. I won't give too much away, as this is just a 'pre-release' sort of thing, as the quilt comes out next issue. It will be a web based project and Homespun is releasing it as a Stitch-a-long for 23 weeks.

So, it is all rather exciting!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Pinny Brigade...

Well, that's what we are calling ourselves at work. All the staff have been making aprons to wear to work. Not only do they protect our clothes from all the fabric fluff (chenille...I'm talking about you!) but they look awfully cute, and inspire the customers to make them too.

So this is my cute apron that I wear to work. Please excuse it looking a tad wrinkly. I just gave it a wash and only a quick iron. *tut tut* Shows off my poor ironing skills, doesn't it??

But, never mind. I just love the fabric, which has threads and pins and needles all over it. Too cute.

Well, of course when my mum saw my apron - she wanted one too! She chose a fabric from the same range as mine, and it just suits her perfectly. Very feminine.
Oh, and she's been wearing hers to do the food shopping!! I was a bit stunned when I heard, but apparently she has recieved plenty of admiring comments. She's always been one for starting new trends.

By the way, the pattern for this apron comes from the book, "A is for Apron," by Nathalie Mornu. Which is a fabulous book full of apron patterns. I highly recomend having a flick through it sometime.

It's definately time for an apron revival - so come on girls! Drag out those pinnies or make a new one!

Oh, and before I forget - check out my Sew Blessed blog for an update. Some exciting developments are happening!