Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm back!

*gives shiny new computer a big smacking kiss*
Wow. It really feels so good to be back online! I've been able to use my little laptop for quick checks of emails - but had no access to my photos etc. What a strange generation of people we are - we get so lost without a computer and internet connection!
But at least I've had some quality time for sewing -so that's a good point!

We have been experiencing a lot of rain here lately - and I mean, a lot. It's been such a wonderful blessing and a lot of dams and lakes are now full - or in some cases, overflowing. It's great to see the grass looking so lush and green in the paddocks too.
This photo below is of the Yarra River in Healesville, looking a bit swollen and flooded.
Well, I'm amazed that Christmas is literally next week. Is anyone else scratching their head, wondering, "Where did October go to?"
Thankfully I think I'm somewhat ready for Christmas. I have nearly every present bought and made, and only a few bits to go. That being said - we still don't have the christmas tree up... or a wreath on the door...or lights flashing on the verandah... or table decorations made.... but at least the presents are nearly done!
Anyway - on to the sewing part!
I made the two aprons pictured above for work. A few of us girls like to wear aprons at work, as they protect our clothes, and have handy pockets for random stuff. My previous apron was looking a bit sad and 'well loved,' so it was definately time for an update. The brown apron is made using fabric from the "In the Pink II" range that was also used for the Homespun Breast of Friends quilt. The bright and colourful blue apron is made using the gorgeous fabric from Mellys new range, "Where the wind blows." Love it. Oh, and for inquiring minds - the pattern for the above aprons are from the fantastic book, "A is for Apron."
I made this little blue wallhanging quite a while ago, but have only just got around to taking a good piccy of it. I used the free motion foot on my machine for the flowers, and the stipple quilting. I love the simplicity of this little quilt.
A few weeks ago, my church, St Johns Anglican, held a local fete in town. As usual, I had completely forgotten about it, and left everything to the last minute. So I made these super quick, and rather cute, little bags to sell at the fete. And they are literally super quick. Like, really quick. It was so much fun!
This photo below is of a doily that I turned into a quilt label I made for a recent quilt. I love it! I'll be able to share this quilt with you in May next year - which seems ages away!
So, I have quite alot of other things to show and share, but I'll save it for another post soon. Things that will be coming soon are:
- Info on the Stringybark Farm BOM (finally!!!!)
- Some finished photos of my "For these I give thanks" quilt made by ladies around the world.
- The launch of my first pattern!! Yay!
- A new "Be Creative" challenge.
- Maybe even another "Paper Bag swap."
- And some finished quilts.
- And more. Most of which I can't remember now.
Such exciting stuff!
Now - finally I can go hunting through your blogs!


sandra said...

Lovely to have you back Sam. I was wondering where you were!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Love your blue and white wallhanging...the blue flowers are gorgeous...and how clever to use a doily as a label...if you don't mind, I'm going to "pinch" that idea, I've a stack of doilies that are too good to throw away but not good enough to be used everyday anymore...great way to repurpose something beautiful...

Farmyard Crafts said...

Glad that you're back!! :) Thanks for the email today too!! You have been super busy with your sewing! Well done.

Jantine said...

Welcome back to technology! LOL I am looking forward to more posts on your behalf!

Robyn said...

Just catching up and glad to see you back online. I'll have to hunt up "A" is for Apron as everyone around here seems to want one lately (lol, an apron not a book) and most of them don't sew! I love your aprons and the quilt label doily is great. I need to practice more to embroider as neatly as you.