Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am so clucky right now.

Between having a fabulous new niece, and the gorgeous little daughter of the boss at work - I am seriously feeling a wee bit clucky lately. There are babies everywhere - and they are oh, so cute!!
I finally had a hold of Alecia, and she is just darling. Mum and bubs are doing well, and Alecia is quite happy to sit still and watch the world go by, whilst blowing bubbles. Apparently she is quite long, with big feet. Which is not suprising to me at all - as my brother is 6'7" and my sister in law is around 6' herself. I think Alecia is going to be one tall miss!

As soon as I found out she was a girl, I bought some lovely pink waffle fabric from work, and last weekend I made a little blanket for her. Of course, a special touch was added with her name.

I'm so wrapt with how it turned out - and my brother and sister in law love it. Which is even better.
Ok, I hear you. I'm rambling on long enough about my little niece.

So, how are all the Homespun 'Stitch-a-long-ers' going?? It's great recieving emails from those who are participating - I hope you are enjoying it! Please feel free to email me through some photos to share on my blog. I'd love to see them. :)

Also, just a note. Homespun have added the finished sizes of each stitchery panel to the General Instructions page on their website. So, check it out here. This should hopefully save some confusion over the correct size of each stitchery. :)

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Cardygirl said...

Beautiful wrap...your embroidery is superb!