Monday, June 13, 2011

A beautiful day

On the 14th of May, I became a wife to a wonderful and amazing man. With rain bucketing down in the leadup to the day, we were blessed with a clear and beautiful day. It was an early start for us girls (4:30am!) and a not so early start for the boys. But, after alot of preening and hair spray, I arrived at the church (slightly late!) to marry my gorgeous man.

And what a lovely and beautiful ceremony it was, and such a fantastic day. We couldn't stop smiling the minute we saw each other, and we enjoyed every moment of the day.

We had some photos taken at Maroondah Reservoir here in Healesville, and then a private and small reception at a friends house in Yarra Glen.

There were alot of handmade elements to our day, from the order of service booklets (with a fabric binding!) to personalised stitchery hoops hanging from the end of each pew. I drew all the designs, and then asked some of the girls at work to help me stitch them. The end result was perfect, and all the stitcheries will then be used to make a quilt.

I also made fabric bunting to decorate, the pins for the men, my headband, the flowers for the cake, and table runners for the reception, amongst many other things! I had so much fun! Also, the bridesmaid dresses were sewn by the mothers of my two bridesmaids - a huge job, but a wonderful result.
The end result? A wonderful, beautiful and happy day. One that Simon and I will cherish and remember for a very long time to come.