Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New beginnings.

Well. I've been a wee bit busy lately. Actually, more than a wee bit busy. And most of it is due to a boy. *sigh* I have met a most wonderful young man. He is an absolute gentleman, and I am feeling so cherished and loved. So we have been spending most of our time together, getting to know one another. I am loving it. So loving it.

On to sewing news - I have a finished one to show you! Yup, a finish!

I finally have sewn the last of the binding onto my little quilt. This one is made using a turnover of Patisserie fabric by Fig Tree quilts. I love the warmth and colour in these fabrics - they are just delicious. They really are.

I'm quite chuffed with how it has turned out, and I especially love the straight quilting lines. I seem to be using this particular style of quilting alot lately - and I really like it.
So yay- another finish!

And just 'coz I can - here is my darling little niece Alecia. She has grown so much, and is incredibly long. Of course - I still think she is just gorgeous!

Oh, and shhh! Did anyone else notice this little snippet in the current issue of Homespun magazine??!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Not the only one.

Well, it seems I'm not alone. I'm not the only one who blames Moda for our lack of money! Maybe we should start a therapy group? One where we vow to be strong and frugal and....yer, I know. It's a lost cause.

So what better way to console my lack of money? To play with fabric of course.
I've had a wonderful time playing of late.

Let's see. I've played with a layer cake. And had fun chopping that up, and then sewing it all back together.
I love this range, "Objects of Desire" by Sandy Gervais. It's so bright and happy.

Am planning on backing it with these pretty pink and white spots. Love it.

I've also been playing with a jelly roll (I'm doing a great job of blaming Moda, aren't I?) This is another of my favourite ranges, "Celebrate Spring," also by Sandy Gervais.

And a friend of mine comissioned a wee little playmat for her friends sons 1st birthday. These are brilliant playmat panels - just love them.

So yes, things have been rather busy!

Oh, and just an aside and personal note on the homefront. My dad had surgery last week to remove the prostate. Everything went well, and the biopsy revealed that they were able to get all the cancer, and it had not spread to the outside of the prostate. So - great news! Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and kind wishes. I greatly appreciate it.